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  1. Go, bunny! It would have been smart if he/she had learned the jump, but it is so much smarter to outsmart your human and save yourself some work.

  2. Such a smart bunny! If it looks like the bar is too high then you simply remove the one at eye level and take it the rest of the way hone. I love this.

  3. This is what can happen when we believe we can overcome:

    The triumphant story of a little pup called Daisy who overcame all obstacles. It is a story about strength, friendship and love – but most of all it is a story about believing in ourselves.

    Daisy – the Little Pup Who Believed

  4. “Dogs stolen from animal shelter, officials fear dog fighters involved”.

    “…Over the course of the last [TWO] months, this same facility has been broke into [FIVE] times and nine pit bulls have disappeared – the shelter employees believe that all of the break-ins are all related.” http://www.examiner.com/article/dogs-stolen-from-animal-shelter-officials-fear-dog-fighters-involved

    No duh? So what’s with their security, or is it an inside job?

    Don’t know if they have a pibble ban there, but places that do report the black market value per dog jumps about 5 times with BSL in place.

  5. Love that rabbit…

    Ok, so I’m sure you all are aware that NY just passed a new law thats supposed to revolutionise animal rights in the state. ALL it does is allow local municipalities to enact stricter punishments than the state does for offenses. Which I don’t have a problem with as such (I’ve seen several cases where the animal died a horrible death and the killer barely got fined).

    My problem is where the AR folks want to take it: http://www.localsyr.com/story/governor-andrew-cuomo-signs-legislation-to-enforce/d/story/pnRSW6Zfj0qMRJipmBqd6Q

    Money quote is by the director of the local Humane Association of CNY:

    “”I think any police officer should be able to pull over and say let me see your license and paperwork. And if that dog is not spayed or neutered, it would be wonderful if they can fine that individual,” says McNeely.”

    Do these people REALLY not realize that in that world, the only ones who will be breeding WILL BE the puppy mills because they’re the only ones who can afford the permits etc??

    Never mind the health issues that have been more and more proven with the rampant early spay/neuter process.

    Never mind what it’ll do to the various breeds that make dogs individuals.

    All they’re doing is driving MORE BUSINESS to their hated puppy mills!!

    1. So in this hypothetical scenario, owners are supposed to carry paperwork with them on their pets at all times in case they get stopped by a police officer?

  6. That appears to be what she wants.

    On a side note when I was recently looking to adopt a cat my family kept telling me I should check with the HA, glad now I didn’t!

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