Weird Tales: ACO Edition

Two stories from New England sent to me by Clarice – one recent and the other from spring of last year:

A CT newspaper received records via FOIA request pertaining to the November 2013 firing of an ACO in Stonington.  The sordid and somewhat confusing story behind the termination includes an allegation that former ACO Rae Jean Davis was stealing kittens from the shelter for her own personal rescue organization, of which she was the sole member.  When police investigators asked her about the rescue, she reportedly responded with an array of lies.

An ACO in Chittenden County, Vermont was spending some of his on-duty time offering women $20 to show him their breasts.  When police confronted 69 year old Gary Francis Sr. with the allegations in April 2013, he quit his job.  He was initially charged with two misdemeanor counts of prohibited acts while on duty but in May, he pleaded no contest to one count of a prohibited act.  Mr. Francis received a $100 fine.

2 thoughts on “Weird Tales: ACO Edition

  1. HUH? Like there aren’t enough kittens and cats to rescue without stealing them? I’d like to know what they’re doing over there then. And the second story, well, it doesn’t take much to be an ACO, I guess. Just put on the uniform and grab yourself a catch pole.

    1. I asked this question myself. If you read the article, it makes it seem as if there was a longtime grudge between this ACO and another lady – who had also been accused of stealing cats. I have never heard of a cat shortage in CT and I certainly can’t imagine anyone so desperate for cats to steal them. If the state truly is in that short of supply, NYC is within a reasonable distance and I know for sure they have plenty there.

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