Treats on the Internets

The Rowan Co ACO who tortured an injured pet in NC “was following procedure” according to the county AC supervisor.  The ACO will nevertheless be sent to sensitivity class and the county has ordered stretchers for use in picking up injured pets in future.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Someone shot out the windows at the Fort Bend Co pound in Texas after it oops-killed 2 owned dogs.  Police have “no motive” for the shooting, which happened at night during non-business hours.  I do not under any circumstances endorse shooting out windows as a means of protest but the police must be drunk if they are claiming no known motive.  (Thanks Chris for the link.)

Manatee Co will investigate itself after numerous citizens complained about the length of time (5 years) it took Animal Services to respond to cruelty complaints regarding a rescue farm in FL.  The farm was raided last week and approximately 300 animals were confiscated.  The owners plan to contest the confiscation.  No charges have been filed.  (Thanks Salette.)

As if baby penguins don’t face enough obstacles, now climate change is getting all up in their grill.

Why this blog takes trolls seriously, now with added science!  (Thanks Valerie for the link.)

5 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. If they can’t figure out a motive they are beyond help . . . smh in disbelief. I don’t condone shooting out windows either, but figured that one out almost immediately! REALLY?

    And I don’t think that sensitivity class is going to do much for that ACO who thought it was perfectly okay to chokepole a badly injured dog and toss him around like a bag of trash. What a POS.

  2. It is obvious what the motive was – I too don’t endorse shooting windows but I also do not endorse shelters “oops” killing people pets!!! Sad all the way around.

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