No Charges for Law Breaking Police Officer in NE

The parents of a Nebraska veterinarian had an outdoor cat named Larry who went missing in mid-January.  Larry was a neutered 2 year old male who was current on his vaccinations, per the vet.

Bloomfield police officer Wally Holz trapped Larry less than 50 feet from his home, shot him to death and dumped his remains behind a city maintenance shed downtown.  City code requires that stray animals be sheltered for 5 days in order to give owners a chance to reclaim them.

Bloomfield city council voted to issue a written reprimand to Officer Holz for his violation of city code.  The thought that someone charged with upholding the law violated it in order to inflict the ultimate form of violence against a trapped pet is chilling.  The notion that he is still on the job and still armed is downright terrifying.

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9 thoughts on “No Charges for Law Breaking Police Officer in NE

  1. the action by this fool is horrendous. He shouldn’t be allowed to have the job nor the weapon. DISGUSTING!

  2. Reprimanded? With…psychological evaluation? Because that is what’s needed, here. I’m shocked that he was allowed to discharge his firearm in a residential area. Do cops there just shoot whatever they like?

  3. So Wally is allowed to walk around with his gun and kill who he likes AND keep his job? What is WRONG in Nebraska? A lot it would seem.

  4. Wally needs to be in jail and the keys destroyed! The public should be frightened of the person!

    If he feared the vicious house cat and feared for his safety, he is past due for a mental evaluation! If he is just a hateful man (& I use the term man loosely here) with a loaded gun, then he is one step away from harming a child, elderly or anyone who is unable to defend themselves! Talk to the pros, this is how killers are grown!

    Finally someone who’s worse than Memphis MAS! We’ll be watching this guy on the news if he is allowed to continue! I don’t know who is worse the people who are committing these acts or the people who are allowing it!


    For those who don’t realize how sadly often this happens. And the police investigate themselves and find themselves perfectly justified. I have read recently of one officer fired after murdering a dog for no reason so that was heartening.
    Dogs, cats, honestly read one account of officers killing a pet caged bird during a house raid:
    Some accountability would be nice.

  6. America! I can’t believe these pigs get away with shooting dogs and cats;but can’t seem to catch murderers, thieves and rapists, not to mention dope dealers, wife and children beaters, etc., ad-nauseum. What the Hell is WRONG with this fu%%ing picture? In the 60s and 70s they got their fun shooting and beating unarmed non-violent protesters, students and black people. It scares me to death that we now have more technology, higher powered weaponry, more spy-stuff, and a lot less brains. Schools don’t teach and diplomas are handed out to fools that know nothing of character, decency or common sense. They all went home after school and played video games that taught them to kill masses of people with complete impunity, and they learned to love it! They need to be sent off to the middle east where their prey shoot back, and if you get killed you don’t just reset the game, you really, really die. END GAME (I have spoken)

  7. This article and Jamie Jenks comments touches on so much that is wrong in our society that it leaves me most days only being able to sit babbling and shaking my head.

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