Corpus Christi Pound Oops-Kills Owned Dog During Quarantine

The pound in Corpus Christi, TX is run by the police department.  On February 9, Corpus Christi Animal Care Services  impounded a dog named Bandit for quarantine after he reportedly bit a person.  The owner, Mary Trevino, was given a 10 day quarantine form by the impounding ACO, which she signed and kept her copy.  Ms. Trevino says she maintained constant contact with an ACO named Rhodes throughout the quarantine period as she intended to pick Bandit up as soon as the city would release him.   The day before the quarantine expired, the city killed Bandit, because they say they thought his owner had surrendered him.  Oops.

But when a devastated Ms. Trevino went to the local news and a reporter began asking questions, the city decided to hold a presser to explain its side of the story.  Which basically amounts to:  Owner?  What owner?

Commander Todd Green:

Animal Care Services admits that this entire incident could have been handled better and offer our apologies to whoever actually owns the dog.

Right.  We apologize to Miss Mystery Owner, whom we don’t know and have never heard of in our lives.  The one we had sign the impound form and talked to about reclaiming her dog.  The one whom we later said we thought, incorrectly, had surrendered the dog allowing us to kill him.  That unknown person, wherever she may be, long may she run.

The city will investigate itself to determine whether any policies were violated.

(Thanks Clarice for the link.)

9 thoughts on “Corpus Christi Pound Oops-Kills Owned Dog During Quarantine

    1. Please share as you deem fit Judith. I could not find any other articles on this poor dog and grieving family. It’s a shame how the city mishandled this case from start to finish and it should not be given the luxury of sweeping it under the rug after one brief presser.


  1. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THESE “OPPS KILLINGS” OF PEOPLE’S PETS!! Aren’t you all??? SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE! if they don’t see any consequences for their actions it will NEVER STOP! These people need to be fired and fined heavily!


  2. She never provided proof that she was the owner. Like…signing the quarantine form which I’m sure comes with all kinds of legal ramifications.

    Not to mention that they killed a dog before the required quarantine period was up. Surely THAT is a violation of the law, too?

    I’m sure an investigation will result in policy changes and firings and heads rolling and…or more likely, nothing changing at all…


    1. Don’t you know that people routinely sign paperwork for dogs they don’t own? Especially paperwork that makes them legally and financially culpable for a dog that has bitten someone? Why, I signed seven such forms just this week!

      Reading Winograd’s last post…I think legislating no kill may be the only way forward. Even starting small, with say rewarding shelters who lower kill rates, or punishing those who don’t…we need to do *something* to force these people to change, because otherwise they never will.


  3. Makes me Sick to my Stomach the number of Oops Killings! Something HAS to Change!! And then to be so Insulting on top of ignorant to play the ‘what owner’ card!! Pure Crap running these shelters in Texas!! Speaking from my personal experience with Ft. Bend Co. AC anyway!


  4. I have had issue with the person in the CCPD that oversees the animal control in Corpus Christi. In my correspondence with him his view is that “a dog is just a dog….”. So any dog in CC does not stand a chance of being protected while this person is in charge of overseeing animal control in Corpus Christi. You can contact me via email at and I can send you the copy of my letter to the mayor regarding this Neanderthal.



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