Someone is Talking about Ending the Culture of Killing! In the South!

Praise Ponies, this is a nice thing to read:

“When we talk about no-kill, we’re not talking about a definition,” says Aubrie Kavanaugh, a member of No Kill Huntsville. “We’re talking about a culture.”


“If they’re healthy and treatable, let’s not destroy those animals,” Kavanaugh says. “We don’t need to be spending our money that way. And it’s not consistent with our values.


“I think it’s possible that we could have a no-kill community in Huntsville in months,” Kavanaugh says. And after that, she says, the culture of no kill could spread to other communities in Alabama.

Sounds sensible, believable and achievable to me.

Thank you Aubrie Kavanaugh for speaking out about replacing a culture of killing with a culture of lifesaving here in the south.  More, please.

8 thoughts on “Someone is Talking about Ending the Culture of Killing! In the South!

  1. Let’s pray it happens.. I just moved back to VA from Ga a few years ago.. they are horrible down there. but it IS possible.. I pray it does happen and spreads across the entire world.

  2. Wish you would send this to Commercial appeal newspaper in Memphis and other media here. Since shame doesn’t work for mayor & MAS maybe high praise of another area would! Thank you for all you do! Pam

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  3. I wish them every success in the world! Sometimes, it just takes someone to say, “You know what? Let’s try doing this differently.” for things to get better.

  4. Last year, I remember reading that Huntville had improved their save rate by transporting dogs to New York. I wonder if transporting is part of their plan to reach no kill status. Anyone know if they are still sending dogs to New York while the New York City shelter system kills so many?

  5. Clarice, transporting is not the plan for the no kill group of which I am a member. We have been vocal in saying that we should not outsource our dogs; we can rehome them right here. It is true the stats have improved since the transports began in 2011. We do not advocate that practice and will not. A life saved is a life saved. But we do not wish to perpetuate the Bubba Factor, as if we are so hopelessly stupid that we have to be saved from ourselves. We have more than enough homes right here for all of our homeless pets. We are all about the equation and use of resources in different ways. We are a military town that supports the space program. We say that, “saving the lives of shelter pets is not rocket science. But even if it was, that’s okay. We have people for that.”

    1. Bamabrie, thanks for your reply. I have roots in Huntsville, so I would like Huntsville to succeed and become a model for other cities.

  6. I had the pleasure of knowing Brie on the Best Friends message boards a few lifetimes ago and she is a good woman and advocate for animals. If she says it can and will be done, than I support her and believe she will find a way. Bless you and all the others who step up for the animals. And thank you for never giving up.

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