OR ACO Allegedly Beat Scared Dog in Her Own Yard

When Martin Starr, a Hillsborough, OR pet owner, arrived home on February 25, he found his two dogs had escaped his yard and a Washington Co ACO had left a note on his door:

Image from the KPTV website
Image from the KPTV website

Two dogs, Dojie and Lucy, were barking in the street in front of their home.  Someone called AC and a Washington Co ACO responded to the scene.   Three witnesses reportedly told the owner that Dojie was scared and ran from the ACO into her backyard.  The ACO allegedly followed her back there with a collapsible baton and, out of sight of witnesses, beat her about the head so severely, she will lose her eye.

Bill Enro, a neighbor who knew the dogs, had offered to help with the situation:

“Just knowing the dogs, they don’t seem to be that aggressive,” Erno said. “To me I was a little surprised when I heard that they actually had to smack Dojie.”

He said Dojie and her house mate, Lucy, have never been aggressive.

An investigation has been opened by the Hillsborough police department and the ACO is on desk duty during that investigation.  Washington Co AC released a limited statement regarding the incident which reads, in part:

We urge people to remember that the initial report indicates that the dog’s owner was not at home when the dogs were at large and the incident occurred.

Right. Also the victim is a slut who was drunk and wearing a short skirt at the time of the attack.

This isn’t the first time the ACO has been investigated for violence against a dog.  He reportedly shot a dog to death while on duty in Alaska in 2004.  His superiors cleared him of any wrongdoing in that killing.  That dog was probably asking for it too.

Mr. Starr says Dojie’s future as a river rescue dog is uncertain due to her compromised vision.  More than that, he loves his dog and considers her a member of the family.  Mr. Starr told local media if the ACO isn’t charged in connection with Dojie’s maiming, he will take legal action.

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20 thoughts on “OR ACO Allegedly Beat Scared Dog in Her Own Yard

  1. I’m glad he’s pursuing it legally. That’s the only way to effect change with these people.

    I’m also glad that the dog didn’t lose her life at the hands of this dog beating jerk. Why attack a retreating dog? Because you’re a psycho, that’s why.

    1. Absolutely! Sad when we have to be happy that the animal is only losing an eye, and not her life. Never should have happened at all. The dog was in her yard – close the gate!
      Something basic missing in this guy . . .

  2. I wonder how many animals Stepp has abused, maimed, and killed in the 10 years between the two known incidents. I will not be surprised if the PD finds him innocent of any wrong doing, but I hope a civil suit will hold him accountable.

  3. Inexcusable. Legal action is called for. I am sure this incident and the previous incident in Alaska are the tip of the iceberg as regards Stepp’s abuse of animals

  4. Why is this POS still acting as a dog officer? He is nothing but a coward and a disgrace! He ever treated my dog like that and I can tell you that he would be going to the morgue and I would be going to jail!

  5. It is highly unlikely that these two incidents are rhe only two dogs he has killed. He needs to be taken to court. The fourth amendment should be used against him.

    I am so sorry that Dojie has lost his eye and possibly his river rafting job. I urge Mr. Starr to file a lawsuit to get some measure of justice for Dojie and his suffering and to make public what happened to prevent a repeat.

  6. Some very unpleasant people, violent people, like jobs that give them the ability to hurt sentient beings and get away with it. This guy seems like a shining example of that.
    I know that many also take those jobs to serve the public and protect them, please don’t think I”m smearing all acos.

  7. WARNING to every loving pet owner: Laws are being proposed all across the country that would allow animal control officers to seize your pets based on an anonymous complaint. And in many states, laws are already in place that require you to pay thousands of dollars within 72 hours or your seized pet can be destroyed or sold. If you can’t come up with the money, your pet is gone — even if the so-called “charges” are later dropped. This injustice enables animal control employees to take your pets without any consequences. What’s even worse, some of these laws allow the money that you paid to keep you pet alive to be awarded to the accusers — the ones who took your pet in the first place. When laws like this are proposed or passed, it puts every pet owner at risk because any thug in a uniform can take your pet. Even if you are able to pay the costs of keeping your pet alive, hire an attorney, go to court, and get your pet back, you may be out tens of thousands of dollars. And the organization that hired the thug in a uniform doesn’t have to pay you back. These laws are proposed with the explanation that in animal cruelty cases, the cost of caring for the animals should fall on the abuser. That’s true, IF IF IF the person is found guilty. But these laws provide little or no protection for an owner whose animal is unjustly seized. And with the increasing number of reports about pets that are beaten, shot, and abused by rogue or insufficiently trained police and animal control officials, this is a very scary situation for every pet owner and every caring person. Check your state and local laws. Like Dojie, your pet may be at risk.

      1. It’s true. Montgomery County, Maryland has such a bond law. It is unconstitutional says the State court of appoeals and yet repealing the law takes an act of the legislature which has not occurred since the court’s decision in 2004. Many states have bond laws that take effect PRIOR to animal owners’ days in court. It’s wrong and it’s real.

  8. As a former ACO this news is heart wrenching. Batons are not a proper tool for animal control. Even dogs who are normally friendly can be expected to defend a yard when pursued by a stranger. I am not in favor of new laws (Patty is RIGHT!!) but mandatory training for law enforcement officers or even code enforcers who will be armed is a worthwhile type of regulation.

  9. @Patty They are already doing this to children in over half of the country.

    I just lost my appeals to have my firstborn son returned.
    There was an anonymous complaint to take my son
    based on a “concern”. Because I could not ameliorate a concern
    that didn’t exist, it was deemed that I was unfit for
    not fixing a problem I didn’t have.

    I was never accused of abuse, endangerment or neglect.
    I am not a druggie and I am an awesome parent.

  10. Clarice your county sucks. There are many alternatives to beating or shooting an animal! As for ACO’s where do they find these lowlife scum? They should have to go through a psych test before they are hired!

      1. Whether or not you live there, why did you state a control officer’s actions were justified. Were you quoting someone or is this the way you feel?

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