Odessa’s Multi-Tiered Failure Results in Dog’s Death

The police department in Odessa, Texas runs the pound.  Thousands of animals are impounded and killed each year, with the police department claiming most of them are “unadoptable”.   One dog impounded on February 15 for quarantine was definitely not “unadoptable” – he had a family who loved him and wanted him back.  Instead, he is now dead:

OPD says on Saturday, the dog pushed up a water bowl, escaped from the opening and out of exterior doors, which were open for ventilation.

The dog was found dead in the street later that day.

When municipalities insist that dogs be quarantined at the pound instead of at home, it’s purportedly being done in order to provide the highest level of safety to the public.  That is, Odessa apparently doesn’t trust owners to quarantine their own dogs at home following a bite report and requires dogs be sent to the pet killing facility for the duration of the quarantine.

Pro tip:  If your quarantine cages are such that all a dog has to do is push aside a bowl in order to escape not only the cage but the entire building, you aren’t protecting the public very well.  I think a reasonable argument could be made that in fact you aren’t doing your jobs at all.  But with a cited kill rate of 85% at Odessa’s so-called shelter, I guess everybody already knows that.

The Odessa police department will investigate itself in the case.

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4 thoughts on “Odessa’s Multi-Tiered Failure Results in Dog’s Death

  1. Of course, they will investigate themselves – and we all know how that will turn out.
    Clearly, they aren’t in any business other than catching and killing.
    RIP poor pup – you were smart enough to try and get yourself out of that hell hole. Sorry you paid with your life.

  2. Everyone who is involved should be investigated and charged with cruelty to these animals and any other charges that fit! When found guilty, they should be banned from any position that would put them in contact with animals. That would be AFTER they serve sentences for abuse.
    May sound harsh but consider that these are in a position of public trust! They have shown without doubt that that trust has been betrayed! The worst of the sentences should be given to the one in charge, you evidently didn’t do your job either!

  3. When it comes to animals, those in law enforcement, are more and more legal criminals, supported by tax dollars. They are very proficient in lying, and their lying is honored by their departments. Justice will not prevail! The fact that he trapped the cat spicifically to kill him shows what a sociopath this individual is.

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