Hillsborough Co Describes the Needless Suffering and Death of a Mama Dog and Her Pups as a “Distraction” from “Progress”

The troubled Hillsborough Co pound in FL has placed a veterinarian on administrative leave after she allegedly left a pregnant dog to suffer and her puppies to die.

The pregnant mixed breed dog was impounded on Saturday and the ACO informed the vet tech upon intake that the dog appeared to be in labor and in need of urgent vet care.  The tech examined the dog, confirmed that the dog was in distress during labor and alerted the vet on duty.  That vet, unnamed as of yet, did nothing – maybe painted her nails, I don’t know – but not one thing for the dog.  She never even looked at the poor pet.  When her shift ended, she went home for the night, leaving the pregnant dog in agony.

When staff arrived the next morning, they found the dog had managed to deliver one dead puppy but had lost so much blood overnight that the on-duty vet determined euthanasia was appropriate to end the dog’s suffering.  Unless this dog had been carrying a single puppy (unlikely for a dog described as a Pitbull mix), her remaining pups smothered to death inside her.

Taking a page from the well worn Killing Apologist Playbook, the county says that other than this bit of a wrinkle, everything is shiny:

“It’s really uplifting to see where the progress is, and that is what makes this situation even more disappointing,” said [Hillsborough County Pet Resources Director Ron] Spiller. “And it’s a distraction from the positive direction the shelter is now headed.”

A distraction?  It’s criminal neglect to my mind which should be prosecuted with the same fervor as Hillsborough Co would if a private breeder allowed this needless suffering and death to occur.  The county is currently investigating the distraction.  Vols say the vet in question has a history of similar behavior.

Here is an opportunity for Hillsborough Co to put their money where their positive direction mouth is:  Fire this vet immediately and ask the county prosecutor to bring charges.  Demonstrate to the community that animal neglect will not be tolerated, including and especially when it’s perpetrated by those charged with protecting animals from neglect.  Lead by example.  Anything less will indicate to me that Hillsborough Co is still piloting the same fail boat over the same waterfall.  Except now they have a mouthpiece to point out how refreshing the mist is.

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16 thoughts on “Hillsborough Co Describes the Needless Suffering and Death of a Mama Dog and Her Pups as a “Distraction” from “Progress”

  1. Oh God. That poor dog, laboring for hours and hours without any help, without any compassion for her or her pups…

  2. When allegations like this are made does the board of veterinary medicine investigate? Having a professional license is a privilege. It sounds like this vet is not worthy of it.

    1. I tried to make a complaint against a vet in another state, not Florida. I wrote and emailed but to no avail….the board said that they didn’t handle complaints and that if the vet had done something wrong I would have to go after him in court.
      Needless to say, I was not able to get any assistance from the very people who are supposed to be governing veterinarians.

    1. Was she? Good. Now they need to file a complaint(s) against her with the Veterinary Board and press charges.

  3. Glad she was fired, sorry she wasn’t fired after the earlier incidents. And I can’t believe anyone could be so tin eared and cold hearted to refer to the poor dog and her puppies as a “distraction”. Years ago I heard an interview with a nun who’d survived torture in south america. She talked about how, at one point during one of her torture session the torturer’s wife called and he spoke with her about mundane things, dinner and picking up the kids from school etc. And then, back to the torture of an innocent woman who’d done him no harm. People can compartmentalize way too well, and how to fix that I have no idea.

    1. A distraction from the murder of Buck and Bill? This was not a distraction but a continuation of the stupidity and non-caring of those in Florida.

  4. This Vet in question must be related to the Manatee County Animal Control and all those Judges and Ron Koper, the Public Safety Director and certified anmial murderer of Manatee County. Way to go Florida!!!

  5. WTF did that vet even bother to go to vet school If she has no more compassion than to leave an animal to suffer? fire the bitch and make sure that anyone who asks for a reference knows about this.

  6. This “vet” should have her name & what she did to this poor mamma and her puppies plastered everywhere, her face on posters, publicize this in that area & everywhere & hope she loses her license & if not, that no one will ever take a pet to her again. I would certainly hope not, after seeing this. You do not expect behavior like this from a person who is in that career field, why are so many vets so cold & don’t really care about animals?? Why do they get into this field?? Money??? Well, hopefully she won’t have that problem anymore, because if people continue to use her for the care of their pets, they are either stupid or just don’t care. Shame on you, you’re inhumane & should be put in jail. You are a pathetic human being.

  7. You are my hero! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you are doing to shed light on animal abuse here in Hillsborough County, Florida, and across the globe!

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