Cruelty Allegations against Franklin Co Dog Pound

The Franklin Co dog pound in Ohio killed more than 40% of the dogs in its care in 2012.  Among the thousands killed by the pound each year are dogs who don’t pass a behavioral test administered by the staff.  The pound’s assistant director, Deborah Finelli, e-mailed a local reporter regarding the process:

“To be selected for adoption, all dogs 6 months and older must pass a behavior assessment, which evaluates the dog’s ability to be safely handled, reaction to people and other dogs and any situations that might provoke aggressive behavior,” she wrote.

“No dog that is perceived to be a threat to the safety of other dogs or humans will be permitted to be sent to rescue and/or foster, or placed on the adoption floor.”

If this place was truly following this absurd rule, presumably no dogs would be made available for adoption since ALL DOGS BITE. Some bite people, some bite other dogs, some exhibit incredible restraint, some exhibit no restraint – and there are as many variations on these parameters as one would care to contemplate.  But the bottom line is that all dogs represent a potential threat to the safety of people and other dogs, even though that risk is small in the vast majority of cases.

Testing a dog in a pound environment is of very little value since the dog is not behaving normally due to severe stress.  Franklin Co’s statement that they test dogs for “any situations that might provoke aggressive behavior” suggests to me a pokey-in-the-face-with-a-plastic-hand-on-a-stick type deal or a take-food-away-from-a-hungry-stressed-out-dog-while-he’s-eating-it or maybe both monstrosities.  Whatever the tests, they should not be used as a justification to kill dogs.

To make matters worse, there are allegations that Franklin Co pound veterinarian Vincent Morton intentionally mistreats dogs in order to fail them on the behavioral tests and runs needless medical tests for the purpose of failing dogs he couldn’t sufficiently provoke to fail on behavior.

One complaint submitted in August 2013 says Morton would “purposefully be rough with them almost like he was trying to get them to growl or bite.”

Another complaint says Morton made fun of one employee for being gay and another for being Mexican. “Dr. Morton is very rough on the dogs and is rude to the employees and belittles them,” the complaint states.

But wait, there’s more!  There are allegations of oops-killings of dogs who had adopters waiting, dogs left to suffer without vet care for days, and dogs killed for behavior who had never been touched or let out of the cage.  And, despite employing a full time volunteer coordinator, Franklin Co has allegedly been shutting out volunteers.  Because volunteers, so complainy.

Local advocates voiced their concerns to the county commissioners this week and were told basically that their complaints weren’t going to be addressed as the county was already conducting its own investigation.  So tattle your tales elsewhere because we already know everything and you didn’t even know about our ultra secret investigation that is totally happening as we speak so sit back down, I guess.  Neither the vet nor the director have responded to the allegations at this time.

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8 thoughts on “Cruelty Allegations against Franklin Co Dog Pound

  1. What a bunch of crap! Anytime someone complains, they need to look seriously at the pound! Too many people hold these jobs are incapable of compassion toward animals! Let’s just kill them and lower the work load; yet they take the funds made for the animals! The tests are totally ridiculous! If tested this way, many of our pets would fail! They’re ignorant assholes trying to cover their asses! We can’t allow this to continue! It must be stopped as it’s like a disease which left untreated will continue to grow!

  2. Evil. Just evil. To take an animal on what’s likely the worst day of his/her life and smack them around a little to justify killing them.

    The vets who hate animals are the worst. I really hope this “investigation” doesn’t end as most of them do – “Hey, turns out it’s all fine! Oh, and btw, volunteers will no longer be needed, kthxbai.” But I’m not holding my breath.

  3. I wonder if this nasty, should-not-be-a-vet creep went to Cornell and learned his ‘testing’ skills from Katherine Houpt, who also pushes dogs to fail temperment tests.

  4. Again, I just don’t get how vets don’t have to answer for their unethical behavior. Could you imagine if doctors, pharmacists or dentists began purposely hurting the patients they swore to protect?

  5. I volunteered there a few times, many years ago. That was before they built the pretty shiny new dog shelter. I can’t say that I volunteered often enough to have any inside scoop, but the few times I did go the place seemed disorganized and busy.

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