Summary of 2012 Undercover Police Report on Memphis Pound

The following is my summary of the animal cruelty observed by a Memphis police detective who worked undercover at the Memphis pound in late 2011 and early 2012.  Read the full report hereWarning:  This material ranges from disturbing to fucking atrocious.  And I’m putting that as diplomatically as I can.  Proceed with caution.


2011 image from MAS webcams of a dog being dragged on a chokepole.
2011 image from MAS webcams of a dog being dragged on a chokepole.

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Glenn Andrews tell a small dog who was loose in the break room to come to him.  When the dog ignored the command, Andrews kicked the dog and cursed at her.  (page 8)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Glenn Andrews drive away with two Pitbull puppies after hours.  An MAS employee named Tameka Booker told Detective Arrington that she had taken a Pitbull puppy she did not intend to keep home with her and that if he wanted one, he should talk to Glenn Andrews since that is how she got hers.  (page 9)

An MAS employee named Mario Jiles advised Detective Arrington that he took home a Pitbull adult and a puppy without paying the fees because he cleared it with Glenn Andrews.  (page 10, two entries)

Detective Arrington was advised by MAS employee Billy Stewart (later convicted of animal cruelty and fired) that another way to get free pets was to tell the surrendering party to wait in the MAS parking lot.  If the person gave an employee the pet outside the shelter, there need not ever be any record created nor any fees paid.  (page 10)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Kirby Hankins kill 6 puppies from the kill list.  Immediately afterward, MAS employee Glenn Andrews walked into the kill room looking for one of the pups as he had been adopted the previous day.  Upon finding the pup dead, MAS employee Glenn Andrews called the adopter with a fabricated story about the puppy having to be killed due to parvo exposure.  (page 10)

Detective Arrington was ordered to conduct an inventory of dogs in the facility and found that four dogs on the inventory were missing.  He also found many dogs who had incorrect or missing records.  (page 10)

Detective Arrington observed several animals who were injured while caged at MAS, including a dog with a broken leg.  (page 10)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Billy Stewart kick a dog in the face in the kill room and strike another in the head with a chokepole.  (page 11, two entries)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Frank Lightfoot (later convicted of animal cruelty and fired) administer Fatal Plus to several cats.  Four of the cats were still alive several minutes post injection.  MAS employee Lightfoot killed three by dropping them on the floor in their cages from a height of six feet and the fourth by stepping on the pet with both feet while the cat urinated and defecated.  (page 11)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employees Kirby Hankins and Billy Stewart killing animals in the MAS kill room.  When MAS employee Stewart brought in a dog on a chokepole, he said, “We are not going to be able to wrap its mouth.  I’m going to have to choke it out.”  MAS employee Hankins waited to inject the Fatal Plus until after Stewart strangled the dog which took approximately a minute while the dog gasped for air before falling unconscious.  (page 11)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Stewart choke a Rottweiler with a chokepole and while the dog lay gasping for air, MAS employee Lightfoot jabbed the unsedated pet in the heart with Fatal Plus.  (pages 11 – 12)

In a separate but similar choking/heartsticking incident with another dog involving MAS employees Stewart and Lightfoot, Detective Arrington observed that the dog was not killed by the Fatal Plus injection and left to suffer for 5 – 10 minutes.  The detective then saw MAS employee Lightfoot jab the empty needle into the dog’s heart again, this time drawing blood into the syringe and injecting that blood into the lower abdomen while telling the dog, “I’m going to put this blood where it don’t suppose to be so you can get dead.”  The dog finally died 1 – 2 minutes later.  (page 12)

MAS employee Stacey Miller advised Detective Arrington she had witnessed MAS employees Archie Elliott (later convicted of animal cruelty and fired) and Tameka Booker killing pets in the MAS kill room.  MAS employee Miller said she saw MAS employee Elliot hang a dog from the sink counter on a leash.  Miller said she asked Elliot why he was hanging the dog and he replied he was sedating the pet.  Miller told the detective she was aware of her duty to report incidents such as these but chose not to do so.  Booker told the detective the dog “was acting a fool so Archie hung him.”  (page 12)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Lightfoot heartstick an unsedated puppy who cried out in pain.  (page 12)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Glenn Lanton working in the kill room with Elliot and Lightfoot.  Elliot brought in a scared dog who was not walking well on the leash so Elliot hanged him.  The timid dog gasped for air, urinating and defecating, and Lightfoot jabbed the unsedated pet in the heart with Fatal Plus.  (page 13)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Billy Stewart choke a friendly female Pitbull with a chokepole until she collapsed on the floor and Lighfoot injected her with Fatal Plus.  (page 13)

Detective Arrington observed MAS veterinarian Rebecca Coleman placing a very sick puppy in a cage with another puppy inside a room containing a mama dog nursing a litter.  When the detective questioned Coleman, she explained she would sign off on the killings of all the dogs in the room since they could get sick too.  (page 13)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Elliot attempting to kill a dog via IV injection but was unsuccessful as the dog pulled away.  Elliot then attempted to heartstick the unsedated dog but the dog again pulled away as he pissed himself.  The detective pleaded with Elliot to put the dog in the squeeze gate on the wall to restrain the dog, to which Elliot replied, “If I use the gate it’s going to mess up the floor and I do not feel like cleaning.”  Elliot then hanged the dog but stopped when a noise was heard outside the kill room.  He finally put the dog in the squeeze gate and jabbed the unsedated pet in the heart with Fatal Plus.  (page 14)

Detective Arrington observed MAS employee Elliott tell a Pitbull puppy in the kill room, “You are going to get stuck in the heart because you are too small and I do not feel like fooling with you.”  Elliott then jabbed the puppy in the heart.  The puppy cried out in pain before dying.  (page 14)


With the exceptions of Elliot, Lightfoot and Stewart (who, as noted, were later convicted of cruelty and fired), the other MAS employees named in the detective’s report are still working at the pound as far as I know.  If anyone has any different information, please leave a comment.  To the best of my knowledge, none were reprimanded or fired for their roles in the torture and killing of pets at MAS as described in this report.



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    Coleman. Unbefuckinglievable. She INTENTIONALLY sickened other animals just so she could sign off on killing them for being sick. Tell me that isn’t evil. She should have lost her license YEARS ago.

    Andrews. Selling dogs on the side, eh? Probably to dog fighters. No fucking surprise there. AND he saw the abuse and NEVER REPORTED IT.


  2. Despite having a large vocabulary of dirty and vile words, I can’t come close to calling these subhuman POS what they really are. Despite intimate familiarity with the human body, I can’t come close to saying what prolonged physical damage these subhuman POS have earned. Despite Memphis having a solid reputation in certain fields, I can’t say here what should befall that city and its surrounding county. Curses upon them all…

  3. Please fire them ALL! There is no excuse for this vile behavior. These animals deserve better and those employees deserve the same treatment they gave to the poor helpless dogs and cats

  4. This is awful i really hoped things would get better at memphis shelter but u get the
    same thing because u have the same people hiring they need to clean house starting at the top and u cannt tell me they cannt find workers with all these folks looking for jobs

  5. Wow, they were fired. That will teach them! Sheesh, these asshats belong in jail. With animal lovers as cellmates.

  6. I cried, and then I went and hugged each and every one of my animals. Fire the fuckers, fire them ALL. And that ‘vet’ needs to lose her license, be charged with everything you can possibly throw at her and left in the gutter. She is in the same world that Vick inhabits, a sociopath that needs to never be around a living creature.

  7. Sooooo with no undercover policeman witnessing those sadists torture pets and absolutely no reform at the shelter since these events took place I’m starting to get the feeling really bad shit is still happening. And at this point all the employees that werent fired probably feel like superman- totally untouchable. Heck, if they can get away with those vile acts what can’t they get away with?

    1. No doubt this continues to go on and on and on – and nothing is going to change until the whole lot of them are gone (starting with Wharton on down to the ones who are actually doing the abusing, torturing and killing). Why this “vet” still has a license to practice is a puzzle to me. Must be the state of Tennessee doesn’t have very high standards for their practicing vets.
      God bless all those precious animals who have (and continue to be) abused and killed.

  8. I can only hope these sadists names and faces become so well known that they can’t walk the streets without people spitting on them.
    This is what evil is, this is what the kill mentality both enables and inspires, we need more than reform at this point, we need to tear it all down and start again.
    Thank you for compiling this, as hard as it is to read it must have been harder to write.
    Going to go huddle with my pack now til my blood pressure is back to normal.

  9. If I could get those ‘people’ in a combustible space, I’d light the place myself and have sticks and marshmallows handy to celebrate. What complete wastes of air they all are.

  10. Yes, Andrews was promoted and will likely be shelter director one day. Won’t that be great?

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