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  1. The New Braunfels Humane Society (in Texas, between Austin and San Antonio), which operates our local city shelter, keeps about 50% of the pets at the shelter off-limits to the public and won’t even post them online. They don’t give notice before killing pets. They won’t release information about their policies or the animals in their care. No-Kill New Braunfels is a grassroots group trying to bring the life-saving programs of the No Kill Equation to our local high-kill shelter. Please support our efforts…Visit, Like, and Share! Thank you!


  2. This is going on by me; a woman claims a pit bull came into her yard and the owner tells her “it’s friendly” and she claims she offered her hand to the dog, and it leapt up and bit her.

    Meanwhile, the owners of the dog say the woman came into their yard, hit the dog, who then jumped up and hit her face with her head causing the injuries.

    The “Victim” wants the dog euthanized, because she believes now that the dog has tasted blood it will attack someone again. The dog is currently in quarantine at the owner’s house. There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding this.

  3. Jersey Animal Coalition, a self proclaimed “100% no kill” animal shelter was closed after the New Jersey Office of Animal Welfare inspected the shelter. Here is a story as well as the related inspection report:



    I’ve made several posts about it as well on my blog and Facebook page too.

  4. After Buffalo Peace Officer Shanon Richardson was arrested for the neglect of several dogs and possession of dog-fighting equipment, one of the seized dogs (Ginga) was stolen from its holding area at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter shortly after Richardson showed up at the shelter. Local animal advocates were outraged, and the local Mayor and police spent more effort going after them than trying to find Ginga. Well, Ginga has been found!!! And through the efforts of advocates, not the city. Read the entire sordid tale at: http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2014/04/fighting-dog-stolen-from-shelter-found-safe-corruption-in-buffalo/

    You can also follow more about the case on the facebook page:

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