Memphis Pets Alive Uses Literacy in Fight Against Oppression by Pet Killing Facility

Puppy ID #A266460, as depicted on the Memphis Pets Alive page on Facebook.
Puppy ID #A266460, as depicted on the Memphis Pets Alive page on Facebook.

One of the most notorious pounds in the country, Memphis Animal Services, is continually trying to up its game in the pet killing department.  Frustrated by the success of pesky do-gooders like Memphis Pets Alive who have helped to network and save the pets MAS would apparently prefer to kill, the city has banned photography on a significant number of animals.  And now the ban has been extended to cage cards.

Memphis Pets Alive had a successful system set up where a photo of the pet’s cage card was posted on Facebook followed by a few photos of the animal so people could have all the available information to share.  Not wanting to abandon the proven system already in place, Memphis Pets Alive had to improvise when the city dropped the Acme anvil on cage card photos.  Behold:

Cage card information for puppy ID #A266460 at MAS, as written by a volunteer for Memphis Pets Alive and posted on the group's FB page.
Cage card information for puppy ID #A266460 at MAS, as written by a volunteer for Memphis Pets Alive and posted on the group’s FB page.

Literacy wins again.

Burn on you, MAS.
Burn on you, MAS.


(Thanks Arlene for the link.)

Note: The puppy pictured is obviously not a German Wirehaired Pointer. That’s just MAS failing, as usual, to take its responsibilities seriously. Proper breed ID is so important for reuniting lost pets with their owners and getting pets out to rescues and adopters. The note from Memphis Pets Alive indicates the puppy is no longer listed on PetHarbor as of May 31, 2014.

9 thoughts on “Memphis Pets Alive Uses Literacy in Fight Against Oppression by Pet Killing Facility

  1. I am continually in awe of the creative ways MPA Wag a long members are able to circumvent all the new “rules” coming their way. They are doing an amazing job considering what they have to work with. They will not back down!!! Now, Mr. Director, please rescind these stupid policies so we can continue to move forward.


  2. The mentality behind MAS policies (real and imaginary) and how they’re enforced is beyond disturbing. Clearly their goal is to kill as many as possible without looking too bad to the general public while doing it.

    And that puppy is as much a GWP as I am. But they like to spin the big Wheel of Breeds rather than, you know, make an effort to do it right.

    Kudos to MPA for finding clever workarounds for the barriers of stupid that keep getting thrown in front of them.


  3. And MPA continues to make those in charge at MAS look worse and worse. Hopefully it won’t take the irresponsible public too much longer to force Wharton to make some real positive changes.

    Wonder if filmmakers might be interested in doing “dumb, dumber and dumbest” about MAS?


    1. MPA isn’t making them look bad, MAS is making themselves look bad because they’re too keen on killing to realize that what they’re doing is horrifically cruel and stupid.


    2. MAS is staffed by sick and mentally challenge all the way to top management! How many innocent animals kill before someone takes positive action. This has gone on for years and you would think someone in power would eradicate the entire sick people!


  4. Way to go MPA! MAS has boldly proven that they prefer killing pets over adopting them out. How did everyone working in that dump acquire such an attitude? Is it laziness, the need to control, sadism? And if it is just laziness, how much harder is adopting vs killing? I really have given it some thought and can’t understand.


  5. Not being able to photograph the kennel cards is horrible. The gals at MPA are doing it by hand. Worse is the fact that MPA is not allowed to photograph any dog that has not reached the review date! That may be the true reason kennel cards cannot be photographed! As all know many dogs are killed the morning of the review date! MAS is indeed a killing machine. No cards? No one can see just how many dogs die.

    The entire staff beginning with Hooks and Hall need to be fired. It’s time they stopped being able to play this power game while innocent shelter animals die.


  6. It seems that the slimy staff at MAS will find a way to keep killing. They’re a bunch of evil, devious bastards! I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they all have some kind of mental disease!


  7. MAS continues their cruelty! All have sold their souls to the devil and they’ll have to answer to God! They are either lazy or don’t care about animals! I hate hearing the name MAS as they’re nothing but a killing factory and a hell hole! They do nothing to help animals be rescued or adopted!



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