Memphis Pound Kills Ten Kittens in One Day

Public records of ten kittens killed by the Memphis pound on May 22, 2014:

Records from Memphis Animal Services, obtained via FOIA request (click to enlarge)
Records from Memphis Animal Services, obtained via FOIA request (click to enlarge)

The first four kittens on the list were killed because of their “behavior”. I guess the person holding them in their hands must have been mauled after these photos were taken. The complete records, including all veterinary notes, were requested. The only records provided by the city of Memphis were copies of the cage cards. Records indicate that the behavior of these tiny kittens was so unmanageable, they could not be scanned for a chip or weighed. But all four kittens had their records marked “no chip” at the time they were killed.





no chip

The next two kittens on the list were killed because MAS staff didn’t have “time” to take care of them. The complete records, including all veterinary notes, were requested. The only records provided by the city of Memphis were copies of the cage cards.


MAS killed the last four kittens on the list because they were “too young”. Kittens have that tendency. It’s not a permanent disability but when you operate primarily as a pet killing facility like MAS does, any excuse will do. The complete records, including all veterinary notes, were requested. The only records provided by the city of Memphis were copies of the cage cards.  Note that all four kittens were killed before their “review date”, the date the city says must expire before the animals can be photographed or networked by Memphis Pets Alive to save them from the kill room.





But don’t criticize, they’re doing the best they can, we all want the same thing, blah.

28 thoughts on “Memphis Pound Kills Ten Kittens in One Day

  1. I see. So a one month old kitten is too young to save, and a two month old is too far gone and too set in their ways as a stray/feral to ever be a pet. That makes perfect sense. If you like killing kittens.

    1. Or to put it another way: one month old kittens=kill, two month old kittens=kill. In case anyone from MAS is reading and has missed out on your subtleties.

  2. Well here in Phoenix we have MCACC, which under the direction of Rodrigo Silva has probably killed thousands of kittens, but they no longer “take” cats without a big fee. So the Arizona Humane Society took over a big part of the killing. They are supported by donations. Who gives money to these awful organizations? Oh yeah, Maddie’s fund gave us millions to “fix adopt save” , and I doubt it’s saved one kitten from death.

    1. Only Memphis voters can do something and the whole city is a third world crap hole like most cities. Everytime I see MAS on this blog I have a hard time beleiving this is the same city that has St. Jude – Children’s Research Hospital –

      1. There’s a reason we have the saying “They couldn’t even get elected dog-catcher!’ when we refer to someone who wouldn’t meet even the lowest standards. It’s sad, but completely true in this case.

  3. Saving lives takes time….and money…and love….and caring….that staff needs to be transferred out to comparable jobs where there are no living beings and some of the quailified animal advocates with computer skills, management skills, animal care expertise, photography skills, cage cleaning expertise and a desire to work at least 8 hours a day without standing around talking….doing nothing…except when they have visitors…..that is part of the reason they do not want volunteers…they see too much…

  4. My gosh. Those images are haunting. They were handled like a piece of trash and then summarily destroyed like trash, all with looks of hopelessness and loss in their eyes. The city should be required to call the building a Disposal Facility and just be honest about it. Or better yet, just close the place. Why in the world are taxpayers paying money for this house of death? Outsource to a nonprofit, get out of the killing business and then they can really wash their hands of a job they clearly disdain. Even if they gave a nonprofit a portion of what they spend now, surely it could do a better job. Just. Makes. Me. Sick.

  5. Tears for these babies who never had a chance to grow up . . . damn them all, every single one of the “people” who are responsible for killing these precious beings. And you can bet these were just the kittens killed on that day. There are likely more on every other day. Words (appropriate here) just escape me. Kitten killers, puppy killers, old dog killers . . . they enjoy killing. I think those kittens’ pictures ought to be on the front pages of the local papers with the question, “Is this what you are paying for?” Did MPA even get a chance to save them? There surely is a special place in hell for these “people” and all those like them!

  6. The human race needs to vanish from this earth so that all other creatures live peacefully. As long as we humans live other creatures won’t. We don’t. Deserve them, they deserve better.

  7. I can’t even imagine the mind set that leads someone to hold a kitten like that, let alone murder them.Perhaps print out those pics and the notes and tuck them under wipers with the supporting politicians names?
    Something to tie the people that support this slaughter with it in the public mind?

  8. This situation will NEVER improve until mandatory spay and neuter is enforced and there is a proactive TNR program in place.

    1. Memphis has MSN and, like everywhere else it’s been tried, it’s a fail. MSN has never significantly reduced or eliminated the killing of shelter pets anywhere. Memphis should remove the ordinance and focus its efforts on proven lifesaving programs.

      1. Why does mandatory s/n not work….because it is not enforced…every time I go to vet I see dog after dog brought …adult…usually pits not neutered…of course, the vet is not going to enforce an ordinance and loose a patient..think it can only be enforced with the issuance of another citation…if not s/n then what?

      2. The main reason a lot of people don’t s/n is a lack of resources- money, time, transportation. If you don’t have the money to get your dog fixed AND you would have to take a lot of time off work to get it done, then it’s not going to happen. Slapping a fine on someone doesn’t magically make those resources appear (plus the $ for the fine), and what often happens in those cases is that the animal gets surrendered to a shelter. What works is making s/n more accessible, with low-cost services, clinics open extended hours, and even mobile clinics. Furthermore, regardless of how it’s achieved, s/n compliance does not magically solve the shelter problem. People still get sick, people still lose their homes, dogs still jump fences, repairfolk still leave gates open, tags still fall off, etc. Shelters would still need to exist even if everybody but a very small number of responsible breeders spayed and neutered their animals.

      3. Ron don’t judge every pet owner you see with an unaltered animal. I spay/neuter everything I can get my hands on, but by the time we inherited our elderly dog, he had too many health issues (heart problems) to go under anesthesia. He is a big old boy- over 75lbs- and I wish every day (as he humps his dog bed) that he was neutered… and sure, I could attempt to have him neutered, but he would never make it through surgery. He is an indoor dog and will never have a chance to mate with anything (besides that poor dog bed…) Glad they don’t have MSN laws where I live, or I guess I’d be screwed.

  9. I apologize if what I’m going to write will offend anyone but I am going to open this can of worms because no one else will. You have a black mayor and the murdering MAS is run by a black man and from what i was told was head of sanitation, yes, garbage. For many years I have worked with nothing but black people and they don’t believe in spaying or neutering, don’t like animals, scared of animal, etc. and, make fun of this 53 year old white woman and call me crazy because I feed stray and feral cats. I’ll never forget along time ago I was asked what was spaying and neutering. I have yet to see black people in rescue but if there is God bless them! By all means I’m not saying all but I am so sick of the ignorance from many. A female co-worker blamed a dog that lives across the street from her for getting her pit pregnant. Really? How long ago did I try to help you get her fixed and guess what people, she was going to dump the puppies. A elderly white man with his service dog came in work and the dog was wearing the service vest. The black female asst manager was having a fit. Told her by law dog was allowed. . She had to go look on front doors for no pets allowed sign. She kept on and on and I got tired of hearing it so I told her she was ignorant. In her position she should have known. Anyone connecting the dots? I try and educate but they don’t care. I could go on but the ignorance is making my blood boil. To those blacks that are responsible pet owners and care about animals, bless your hearts and thank you and I’m so sorry precious babies that heartless humans murdered you. My heart is broken.

    1. Not only is it offensive to characterize people as irresponsible (and worse) based on skin color, it’s flat out wrong and exactly the type of speech that is not allowed here. Your future comments will be moderated and, if you attempt to post further hate speech, your comment will not be published and you will be banned.

    2. Not sure what the reasoning is then in ALL THE OTHER PLACES THAT ARE PREDOMINANTLY WHITE (including my shelter that was stuffing sick kittens into a gas chamber rather than make a single phone call that would have saved every single one of them). And let’s not even mention all the abuse/cruelty/horrors that happened under white shelter directors like Matthew Pepper at MAS, shall we?

      And btw, James Rogers ran the Post Office, not Sanitation Department. There was hope that his experience with organizational management and unions would be a breath of fresh air to MAS…sadly, that was not the case.

      Sorry, Sheila, but laziness, cruelty, and abuse happens across all races. It’s a humanity problem, not a race problem.

    3. If you worked with nothing but white people, then you’d meet a lot of ignorant white people. There are just a lot of ignorant people, period. There are white people who don’t s/n, white people who don’t know ADA regs about service animals, and plenty of white people working in shelters abusing and killing animals.

  10. I didn’t characterize nor was it a hate speech. Never wrote it’s a race problem. It’s what I’ve worked with along with knowing there are white people and other races just as bad if not worse and shelters with gas chambers run by white people. Seems I was misinformed about Rogers past employment. He should be including all the other heartless PEOPLE, well never mind.

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