KY Pound Leaves Five Dogs to Die in the Heat

A dog listed on the website for the McCracken Co pound in KY.
A dog pictured on the website for the McCracken Co pound in KY.

After employees at the McCracken Co Humane Society in KY were found guilty of animal cruelty in 2012, the county severed ties with the organization and has been operating the pound on its own.  On its website, McCracken Co promises to shelter animals in need “until such time as they are redeemed, adopted or humanely dealt with.” (It’s swell that mafia overtones mesh so well with kill shelter-speak.)

Last Monday morning, 5 dogs were found dead at the pound.  The pound is closed on Sundays.  The McCracken Co sheriff’s office sent a detective to the scene to determine if foul play was involved.  The dead dogs were sent to a university vet center for necropsy.

Preliminary necropsy results released Wednesday indicated the dogs died of heat stroke.  Toxicology results are not yet back but assuming they are negative and no poison is found in the dead dogs, it sounds as if the sheriff’s office is ready to file the agonizing and needless deaths of 5 dogs under meh:

If toxicology results are clear, the department’s preliminary investigation would probably end, since there would be no indication of intent to harm the animals.

It’s only summer in Kentucky.  Who knew that dogs needed shade and water in order to survive?  Not the county.  Plus the place is closed on Sundays so:  humanely dealt with FTW!

But wait, there’s more:  McCracken Co is considering re-establishing an agreement with the HS to run the pound again.  On the one hand, animal cruelty convictions, on the other, malignant neglect ignored by the police.  Geez, so hard to pick just one.  Why not simply hang an Animal Abusers Welcome sign on the front door?

(Thanks Devry for sending me this story.)

16 thoughts on “KY Pound Leaves Five Dogs to Die in the Heat

  1. “Shelter.” Death chamber is a better description.
    Would be better had they shot these poor creatures than to let them die such an excruciating death. We all need to live in fear and revulsion when this kind of evil incarnate walks among us.
    Rest in peace, little doggies, in the cool, green pastures of Heaven. You will never see those cruel and evil ones again.

  2. So…if I allow my dog to die of heatstroke, I’m guilty of cruelty. If they allow dogs to die of heatstroke, they’re…just doing their jobs?

  3. This is stupid, disgusting and unforgiveable? Do these people have brains and hearts? Their lack of attention leaves me wondering! You need to determine who was at fault and terminate them! If there is no consequence, we are basically saying “It’s okay>”

    Animal Shelter Photo Albums

    “All dogs in this album are still at the Shelter as of November 24, 2013″

    From Adoptable Dogs!, posted by McCracken County Animal Shelter on 1/18/2013 (59 items)

    2013! I look at those out of date photos and I wonder how many animals were “dealt with” since then.

  5. Why is it never “We failed to protect these animals and we have made immediate changes that insure this will not ever happen again”?
    Always distraction or excuses. Never accountability, never responsibility on the shoulders to someone in charge in shelters like this.
    If I failed as often at my job as I see regressive shelters fail, I would be begging on a street corner.
    Shelter management needs to stand up and admit failure when a healthy, treatable animal dies in their shelter. Whether they directly killed them or they allowed them to die from circumstances such as these, if they do not view it as a failure, they do not improve. the best shelters do this.
    How does someone go to work every day and not feel that life saving is far more rewarding than killing? How?

  6. If a dog breeder or even a kennel owner allowed this to happen…………………? Oh yeah, the OUTRAGE would be there. Where is he OUTRAGE for this? and for all of these horrific things that so-called ‘humane’ societies, aspca’s and so called animal ‘shelters’ do? Yesbiscuit, I don’t know how you deal with tracking all of this, but please continue. Someday, somebody may notice.

  7. izzyvanover……….no they need to determine who is responsible and PROSECUTE THEM TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, just as they would do to ‘us’

  8. They should all go to jail with no food or water. This place disgusts me, as do the authorities who do nothing about it. No justice for those poor dogs who died a horrible death. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. Shut them down.

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