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  1. Today marks a milestone in No-Kill New Braunfels’ (Texas) efforts to bring common sense changes to the high-kill New Braunfels/Comal County TX animal shelter. We now have over 1,000 voices for our petition for photos of all animals at the shelter to be posted online at intake and for public access to all of them!

    This city shelter keeps about half the pets at the shelter in areas OFF-LIMITS to the public, won’t post their photos online, and then secretly kills many of them.

    No word yet from city leaders, so please help spread awareness of the URGENT need for change at this animal shelter. New Braunfels is a tourist community, so EVERY voice helps send a message to our city leaders that potential tourists care about where they spend their vacation dollars.

    You have to SEE them to SAVE them!

    Thank you for being a voice for dogs and cats at the New Braunfels/Comal County TX animal shelter!


  2. A consulting behaviorist is making it okay to for zoos to admit that animals have feelings and thoughts.


    As the commenters point out, though, the real question is whether the animals should be in zoos at all. So nice to read a piece where virtually all the commenters are on the right side of the issue.

    1. SOOO nice to hear an admittance!! Animals don’t belong in zoos, rodeos, racing, & my PET PEEVE~~~CIRCUSE!! ell, they all are pet peeves!! Thank Goodness, Hope it catches on!!!

  3. 7/7/14 “These dogs are at the Carroll County Animal Shelter in Carrollton, KY. We are located between Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY. This a small, rural 100% kill shelter with no active adoption program and RESCUE is the only hope for these kids. They kill for space so as long as I can move some out then he won’t call the vet. ” Links to Photos. Please SAVE A LIFE. PLEASE
    Read crosspost at

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