Weekend Jade

She is feeling better every week.  The better she feels, the harder it is to keep her to a dull roar.  She is bored with her recovery now and toys only keep her entertained for so long.  She wants a dog friend to rough house with so much.  So Much.  Things she has eaten so far:

  • Remote
  • Blanket fringe
  • Sox
  • Pants
  • Wall
  • Fan
  • Contents of bathroom trash (both bathrooms, multiple offenses)
  • Chain link fencing (area approximately the size of a Pitbull body)
Presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Puppy Chairman of the Bored.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. When we had a dog run constructed for our pittie, the first thing he did was chew a Jake-sized hole in the gate, then laid in front of it and waited for my husband to come and get him. He simply hated being behind a fence, but had no problem with being tethered under a tree. You never know. Jade is beautiful.

  2. Ah yes…the first few months with Romera our house looked like a prison facility. We had chain link panels across doorways and windows to contain her. We took her on 4 walks a day. The first time I ever got close to tiring her out we went on a 4 mile hike in the hills. I even got a doggy pack where she would haul 2 bottle of water with us so we could stay hydrated and keep going. We went to classes, we worked and worked and worked and eventually she was able curl up with cats, chickens and the occasional human. To this day she doesn’t understand that she’s not a lap dog, and we even added a second pibble who puts up with her spazziness. Thank god for Tim and Donna at BAD RAP, they talked me through many a WTF moment : ) You’ll get there, maybe minus a wall or two but you’re doing a WONDERFUL thing!

    1. Yes. She’s clearly saying, “I don’t know what that nice lady is talking about! I’m adorable and would never do anything wrong. I hate to say it, but I think the nice lady is a bit, uhm, well, you know, a bit *nuts* and just wants to get the nice man back from my adorable clutches, I mean, paws!”

  3. Oh, just look at that big smile! She is adorable! It must be so hard for her to be still and not play around with the others. Pittie pups a handful for sure. maybe that’s why they are so darn pretty.

    When I took care of my son’s dog as a puppy he was a handful too. He’d get naughty and I’d tell him to kennel up. He would flop down on his side and stretch out as long as he could. It took alI had to eventually kennel him. Not for long but he’d have to be put in. When I’d open the door he’d give kisses as though he were forgiving me!

    He did grow out of those wild ways of his and is now a hunk of love, very obedient and much loved by all. Like Jade he is a beautful dog. I think naughty Jade has stolen your heart too.

  4. So much mischief for such a pretty pup to get into! She looks wonderful, living with you has brought her to life.

  5. Midnight doesn’t eat walls or shoes or get in the trash she is very a good girl. What she does do is nibble. She nibbles blankets, pillows and her was stuffed animals. Many of my comforters have now gone into the dog blanket supplies because she has nibbled little holes in them. The pillows I repair or throw out. I did notice the nibble-ling is when she get bored or excited.

      1. Midnight did do body parts but I got her to stop that. Body parts were when she was excited. Now instead of body parts she runs and gets the was stuffed toy. She will not give up on the blanket and pillows yet lol

  6. I also can’t imagine that sweet face getting into much trouble! Sweet, sweet Jade! :)

  7. Wow! Her beauty sort of makes up for it. Almost. I sympathize, my pit mix ate a sock-required surgery. Also ate, linoleum flooring, my iphone case, 1/3 of a remote control, part of a blanket. Its rough not sure why everything else came up and the sock did not so.. $700 later at the vet. Puppy years are tough! Reapt daily: she sure is pretty! lol

  8. Just look at that face – how can you not love her? Bet you don’t stay mad at her for very long. Sorry she’s going through this stage, but happy she is feeling better.

  9. Shirley, thank you for saving her. My Aby kitten has broken two lamps doing zoomies in the living room. She carries socks out of the laundry to her food bowl. The crosses we must bear ;-)

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