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Law enforcement tracked a suspect to a trailer park in Coffee Co, GA.  Families were outside including a dog, who ran up to one of the officers.  The sheriff’s deputy opened fire in the direction of the dog, missing him and instead shooting a 10 year old boy through the knee.  As we have said countless times, police encountering dogs need more tools in the toolbox besides GUN.  (Thanks Lis for the link.)

A deputy in Prince Edward Co, VA was serving a civil warrant at a home whose residents were away on June 27.  The deputy says the family’s golden retriever lunged at him.  He shot the pet twice in response and the dog bled to death.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

A NJ couple who was up with their newborn child in the middle of the night saw their 8 year old french bulldog escape.  Police picked the dog up quickly and turned him over to the local ACO.  The dog was found dead at the shelter a few hours later.  Police are investigating.  (Thanks Judy for the link.)

A lawyer in CA who loved cats left approximately $800,000 to the Marin Humane Society in his will, specifically earmarking it for cats.  The organization’s 2013 report indicates it received approximately 5700 live animals and killed 1300 of them – a kill rate of roughly 23%.  (Thanks Arlene.)

In honor of one of the children killed in the 2012 Newtown shooting massacre, a foundation is planning to open an animal sanctuary in 2016.  Six year old Catherine Violet Hubbard is remembered as an animal lover who collected returnable bottles and cans to raise money for treats for shelter dogs.  She also made business cards for a pretend shelter, listing herself as “caretaker”.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray raised awareness for the city shelter’s foster and adoption programs yesterday by renaming city hall “Kitty Hall” and inviting foster kittens to mingle with the media and the public.  (Thanks Karen for the link.)

If you don’t have your own playful platypus in a pool, you can still get your fix.  (Thanks Valerie.)

5 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. The Newtown Animal Sanctuary idea sounds wonderful, a lovely tribute.
    As to the poor little Frenchie, something stinks and I hope the facts come out.
    The police who can’t seem to restrain themselves from shooting dogs need a new line of work. I suppose training wouldn’t hurt but most human beings know a dog behind a fence or in a car or on a chain or in a crate is no threat. Yet dogs in all of these situations have been shot by police. Maybe it will require actual consequences for their actions to make this stop.

    1. I’ve unfortunately forgotten where, but I read recently that most of the shootings by police in a given year are not of people, but of pets.

    2. The first thing that jumped to my mind about the frenchie was the breathing issues they typically have, made worse in the summer heat. I hope he wasn’t left in a hot ACO vehicle.

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