Memphis City Official Explains Why Killing Pets Even Faster is Going to Be So Awesome

Manhandled kitten, as posted by MAS on
Manhandled kitten, as posted by MAS on

If you are partial to flowery political speeches, you might like to read the city’s full explanation for why it’s retaliating against rescuers shortening hours at the Memphis pound and proposing to kill pets faster than ever.  But if you’d rather blind yourself with rusty pokers than read more bullshit excuses for killing animals, I’ve got you covered.  Here’s the takeaway:

The proposed change in hours will assist with the reduction of holding time of animals from 5 days to 3, saving 104 days annually in the cost of food, work hours (animal care techs and vets), housing, medical supplies, etc.

Shorter:  Dead pets don’t eat food and take up cage space.  The faster we can kill them, the less we have to do our jobs.

So there it is.  In case anyone was wondering where the city of Memphis stands on the issue of animal sheltering.  It’s a no.

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11 thoughts on “Memphis City Official Explains Why Killing Pets Even Faster is Going to Be So Awesome

    1. I just posted similar somewhere else about the MAS: WHO GIVES MANKIND THE RIGHT TO TRAP AND KILL ANIMALS???
      We have to start doing something about the of the words “humane” or “euthanasia” when used in in reference to these killing facilities, That’s one place to start. Make them call it what it is: cold-hearted kidnapping and extermination— for money.

  1. The story absolutely repulses me. I’m enraged (again) . The sad eyes of the victim-kitty will haunt me. Maybe we need anarchy.

  2. Are you sure Johnathon Swift isn’t writing his speeches? I keep thinking it has to be satire, no thinking person could honestly and with a straight face propose killing as a cost savings at a place that calls itself a shelter.
    Perhaps they should just relabel themselves a slaughterhouse, it would be at least half way to honesty.

    1. If you do it, at least own it. No compassionate person could even get his/her brain around the ideas that are being spouted. This is no shelter by any stretch of the imagination. My heart hurts for this poor wee kitten who is being suspended in the air by a big, scary human. This little girl probably did not have to suffer for very long, though. She’s probably gone now.

  3. Does anyone there have some sort of connection to a rendering plant or lab? Or just getting paid under the table? Or over the table. What do they do with the remains?

    1. They go to the landfill in garbage trucks. We’ve seen it on video. They wheel out bins full of dead pets (now in black plastic bags, since the trucking company complained about the bodies) and dump them off the loading dock into the trucks.

      It’s not graft, it’s just laziness coupled with a complete lack of compassion or empathy. Killing and disposal is easy for them. In fact, it’s the easiest thing they do, so they want to do more of it. They WANT to be in the pet disposal business. They LIKE it.

      Dead pets don’t have to be tended at all. Just refrigerated until the truck comes.

  4. Even with a video of them going to a landfill, that could have been a one off to divert attention. It would be far from the first time. Landfills cost money. Rendering plants and labs give them money. But they never want people to know that is the end result.

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