Houston Police Officer and Tow Truck Driver Abandon Elderly Dog in Traffic

Guero, as pictued on ABC13.com
Guero, as pictued on ABC13.com

In Houston, the owner of a 14 year old Chihuahua named Guero gave a friend a lift on July 13, taking the pet along for the car ride.  A Houston police officer stopped the vehicle for failing to signal a turn.  And because Houston apparently takes turn signals terrible-awful seriously, the officer decided to search the SUV.  The search turned up prescription medication belonging to the passenger.  But the officer decided to arrest both men. BECAUSE TURN SIGNAL.

The officer called for a tow truck to impound the vehicle but refused to call anyone to pick up Guero.  The owner, Mr. Garcia, pleaded to be allowed to call someone himself but the officer refused.  In Houston, animal control can be reached by calling 311 but the officer refused to make that call nor would he allow the owner to make it.  They were 2 blocks away from AC, at the side of the highway ramp.

Instead, the officer instructed the tow truck driver to leave the dog at the side of the road.  Mr. Garcia begged for Guero’s life, explaining that the pet was nearly blind from cataracts and needed medication.  The officer replied that it wasn’t his problem.

Charges against Mr. Garcia were dropped (apparently not everyone in Houston is on the same page when it comes to zero tolerance for turn signal criminals).  The family put up Lost Pet signs in the area and received a call a few days later from someone advising that a dog matching the description was at the side of the road where the officer had ordered he be abandoned.  The caller was unable to help the dog due to the heavy traffic.  The family went to the area and found their pet dead, having been hit by a car.  They wrapped Guero in a towel, took him home and buried him.

Mrs. Garcia filed a complaint with the Houston police department.  Receiving no response, she addressed the city council on July 22.  There she received a public apology from the mayor.  The police department will investigate itself in the matter, which may take 6 months.

In the meantime, I suggest the unnamed Houston police officer whose reckless disregard for the life of a member of the Garcia family and the tow truck driver who was just following orders when he abandoned the helpless pet at the side of the road ask themselves some serious questions.  Starting with What The Fucking Hell?  The tow truck company isn’t responding to the media, instead hiding behind the police department’s skirts.  And the police department is busy looking for turn signal violators apparently.

Here’s my question:  How does Houston deal with asshats who leave blind dogs in traffic?  If the police officer and tow truck driver aren’t dealt with in exactly the same manner in this case, I call shenanigans on the city of Houston.

Mrs. Garcia says her family has been torn apart by the death of Guero, who had been part of their family his entire life.  In an interview with the local ABC affiliate, she tearfully said:

I felt so much pain, like I never knew I had.

We get it Mrs. Garcia.  Pets are family.  Good on you for refusing to give up in trying to get justice for Guero.

(Thanks Lisa and Davyd.)

19 thoughts on “Houston Police Officer and Tow Truck Driver Abandon Elderly Dog in Traffic

  1. I suspect that Mr. Garcia and his friend were arrested for Driving While Hispanic, the turn signal thingy was just a bonus from the po-po’s POV. I sincerely, SINCERELY hope that some talented attorney picks up on this, and takes Houston PD and the towing company to the cleaners. It won’t bring Guero back, but it will be the next best thing. Poor, poor little dog – I hope that at least his end came quickly, but you know how scared and confused he was. Poor, poor family, their sorrow will take a long time to heal. Their justifiable fear of the police department, however, will probably never heal.

  2. This story just broke my heart yesterday. I can’t imagine the pain this family is going through. I’m guessing some racial profiling went on here as well, and sincerely hope the family can get some kind of monetary compensation out of all of this. No, it won’t bring their beloved pet back but maybe, just maybe, the next asshat that thinks telling a family to abandon a pet alongside the roadway will think again. I doubt it, asshats being what they are, but you’ve gotta have hope somewhere.

  3. Okay, the cop’s an asshole, but the tow truck driver? WTF? Both need to be arrested for cruelty charges.

    Mrs. Garcia is a hero in her own right, fighting against the apathy.

    1. It may be the tow truck driver would have helped the dog, but the cop told him not to “or else.” This policeman is mean spirited beyond description, which most of them are.

  4. Sons of bitches! Just because they obviously don’t care about, they could have done the humane thing and let Mr. Garcia call for help! There are two individuals involved, I hope they rot in hell! I can’t imagine this level of cruelty. I hope they both lose their jobs and the evil they’ve done causes them some embarrassment! There is no excuse on Earth for this cruelty! They’ll never know the pain they caused. At this point, I feel nothing but hatred for these two!

  5. This sadly comes as NO SURPRISAE to me….I lived inn Houston most of my life and have had my own dealings with Houston PD, & they were NOT GOOD! I was kicked in the tailbone by one of their finest, a detective many years ago. To leave tis sweet pup ike this was done just because he could! This is a small example of the HPD, But it is HUGE to me! I am an animal advocate & am fighting some battles where I live due to a HORRIBLE “shelter” here! GUERO!! You are so loved! By me too! I am SO very sorry for the family that misses their family member SO very much. I KNOW THAT BY now you know your family did not desert you! Sweet pup! Run Free! &V R I P. My pups will be seeing you there too! I am more sad than angry & I am VERY angry about this one of HOUSTON’S LOWER CLASS OF OFFICER.. doesn’t DESERVE THE PPOSITION HE HOLDS! tO THE FAMILYY, I AM SO SORRY…Prayetrs…

  6. And the police wonder why people don’t like/trust them. On another topic elsewhere, in response to a protest that most police are good, someone stated that cannot be the case because if there were good cops they would arrest assholes like this

  7. I was and am horrified by this needless and calculated cruelty. I have had two blind dogs in the past and I can all too easily imagine how scared and lost Gueros last moments must have been.
    I can only hope they were quick, both the officer and the two truck driver should be in jail but I would at least be happier if they lost their jobs. I don’t expect any justice for a Hispanic family in this situation though, and that’s an outrage as well.
    A sin and a shame.

  8. pigs…………….rat bstds………but they should both be charged with cruelty to animals
    If you or I did that we would be. Reckless and needless endangerment of an animal I’m pretty sure would fall under the cruelty laws. For sure if it were a person doing it. “pigs” don’t count……….ha! Where is that glorious Texas ASPCA?

  9. Name of the police officer and name of the tow company and the driver- would go a long way to getting this in the public view.And cruelty, endangerment, and torture charges brought. Not only to the poor doggie but the risk this LEO put to the drivers who could have had a horrible accident trying to avoid this dog on the hwy.

    I see in the not too distant future there will be those who bring about justice in their own if this kind of shit doesn’t stop.

    The guy with a badge should never be allowed in any authoratativd capacity- ever – and the toe co and driver should be drummed out of business.
    Don’t forget most LEO depts have sweetheart kickback deals with towing companies.

    At least the Mayors verbal response was appropriate.

  10. P.O.S. Government with its henchmen failing to respect the lives and property of its citizens; disregard for basic rights; and putting itself ahead of any citizen means it is not honoring the Constitution or the Bible and deserves to be striped of all power and rights. Better to have a free people and no government than to live in fear of your own government!

  11. Has anyone seen any update on this? I really want to hear if anything or nothing comes out of the internal investigation or if the family takes any further action. Also, does anyone know the names of the officer and tow truck driver? It seems wrong that these people are allowed to do something so cruel and reprehensible and not even have to admit to themselves and those they know that it was them.

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