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    1. It’s an iPad with a cat game application running (I think it’s actually called “Games for Cats”, but not sure). There’s a mouse (which squeaks when the cat hits it) and a laser dot to choose from. I think that there’s another application that’s similar with bugs?

      Our Timmy likes the mouse (which is what this cat is playing with). I had a dog who liked it, too, but his 70lbs of pouncing to “kill” the mouse was a little hard on the iPad… :)

  1. A few photos from the Atlanta screening: http://cruelcrazybeautifulworld.com/2014/08/22/redemption-atlanta-a-few-photos/#2
    For those who may not know–the one getting the belly rubs is Amazing Grace, who survived the Liberty County, GA gas chamber in 2006 and inspired the law banning the gassing of dogs and cats in GA shelters, which was passed in 2010 (Grace’s Law). The one giving the belly rubs is some dude from California. I didn’t get his name.

  2. I have been following the tragedy at Green Acres where 23 dogs died locked in a 9×10 room. The owners of the dogs decided to honor their pets’ deaths by rescuing dogs from death row. Today was the day that they did that. I am so impressed with these people. Just look what they did.
    The Tragedy at Green Acre Dog Boarding Gilbert, AZ updated their status.
    1 hr ·

    This event was emotional and amazing. 62 dogs were saved from death because of the Gilbert23 Rescue Mission. Thank you to all the rescues and everyone who participated.
    Through tragedy comes triumph.

    These dogs busted out the door today with a second chance at life. Not to mention the line of people waiting to adopt today.

    Please post all the pictures you took today so everyone can share the hope we felt on this amazing day!
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  3. Have you noticed that advertisers have discovered cat videos? Catvertising? There are several commercials now running which have cats doing cat things. The Cialis commercial shows an empty living room with a noisy action film going showing on the big TV. Near the end, a cat comes in and starts eating the popcorn on the table. Samsung shows various people using their tablet, and 2 cats playing with it, similar to the one above here. Walmart shows a whole family, each using their laptop productively – till the camera zooms in and shows at 2 people watching cat videos on it. The Unstoppable laundry conditioner shows a ginger cat in a pink ribbon with a rose on it, sitting happily on top of a pile of clean laundry. The Kayak hotel search engine has a couple of cats in the background, and ends with a grey cat washing itself besides the laptop. Mr. Clean talks about the wonders of his power sponge while 2 kittens run along the table, one of them falls off the edge. There are probably more.
    I’m not sure I got all the advertisers’ names right, but keep a lookout for these commercials. Though if you want to see a really good cat commercial, look for the “cat herding” one for a Silicon Valley software company EDS. Its still available on the internet here

    And for anyone interested, the Absolut Vodka commercial featuring animated robot greyhounds racing is quite spectacular, especially the weird audience to this race,

  4. From the Two Steps Forward One Step Back Department: The Commerce, Texas animal shelter had an annual intake of 3,000, one full time employee and a kill rate of over 90%. That was until No Kill Hunt County began working with the shelter in February 2014. The all-volunteer group began opening the shelter for adoptions on Saturdays, taking shelter pets to off-site adoptions and marketing and networking the pets. In one month, the kill rate dropped to less than 10% and stayed there. Until now. To show their gratitude, the city manager tossed NKHC out on their collective backsides and told the shelter employee that he could leave rehab and resume his daily killing fix. Why? Because Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1393909734184493&id=1376100102632123

    1. Just added my 2 cents worth. There is something very fishy going on in the background here – somebody’s ego? Thanks for making us aware. The city manager needs to know that the world is watching and responding. Best of luck to NKHC! And rest in peace, the 2 beautiful puppies who were killed while the city was “firing” their rescuers.

    1. Self-serving SOB. (Know that’s not positive or respectful, but HONEST, in my opinion) Just proves that he never had the well-being of animals as his main goal. Now he’s just another industry shill, well paid, I’m sure. Hope he loses all credibility with folks who have supported him in the past.

    2. Good grief.

      I can’t express how much I loathe Sayres. I started as a volunteer at the SFSPCA right around when Avanzino (and Winograd) came in, so saw its transformation from the city pound to no-kill. Then when Avanzino left Sayres came in … and suddenly policies changed, and I was fighting for the lives of my most vulnerable fosterings. The last time I was there, retrieving the last of them, I was so angry with Sayres – and with the lot of them who excused him – my vision actually tunneled.

      So now he’s in bed with commercial breeders and dealers. I’ve always heard people in organizations rise to the level of their incompetence – I hope it’s so. Let him be the worst director PIJAC has ever had. And I hope he gets piles.

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