Treats on the Internets

The city of Jackson, MS has cleared its ACOs of any wrongdoing after they were seen riding around in the back of a pick up truck, shooting pets to death.  The money quote:

Animal Control officers are special individuals who must have a genuine concern for the animals they encounter and care for, on a daily basis. It is not the intent or desire of animal control officers to impose lethal force upon any creature.

This is totally consistent with hunting pets, apparently.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Every pet owner should know what to do if AC comes knocking, especially if you live in an area where thieves posing as ACOs are trying to take your pets.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Researchers in TX have been testing shelter dogs for zoonotic diseases, including chagas, which is on the rise among dogs in the state.  (Thanks Clarice.)

In a recent study of 52 pet foods, testing revealed only 31 were labeled correctly “and 1 contained a non-specific meat ingredient that could not be verified.”

National Geographic looks at the problem of miniature pigs, sold as pets, who turn out to be SONOTMINIATURE.

If this headline doesn’t depress you, please send me a generous sampling of your meds.

Hero animals of all shapes and sizes.

Snake Coffin could be an excellent band name.

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Dear God, those assholes in Jackson must be either brain dead or on something. Riding around in the back of a truck sniping at animals is because they care about them. I do agree that they are a special kind of “individuals” but somehow I’m thinking that we are on the same page as the city officials. Must be they do things differently in Jackson . . .

    1. Just added my honest thoughts to the comments on the link. please let these folks know that this is NOT right.

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