16 thoughts on “Open Thread

    1. What an amazing story. Thula and Iris Grace surely have a special connection. The last painting is something else . . . The love between a cat and her person – wonderful story.

    1. Good for them! Hope our new director beats this one. He starts tomorrow . . . sigh. Bet Florida was delighted to be rid of him. Now we have Matt Pepper at the helm of Michigan Humane and Mr Seltz in Ingham County in Michigan. Prayers for all of the animals that come in contact with either of these organizations!

  1. I am so sad, so upset, and just plain old angry. My heart hurts for these horses that were once wild and free. Now BLM has chased them with helicopters, rounded them up and stuffed them into holding pens. Over 1200 horses from this area that were once and still should be free to roam our nations land. OUR LAND. The reason they were removed? Ranchers who pay pennies on the dollar for grazing fees. Money and greed.

    Please, take a few minutes and read what’s been gong on. Our government is not taking care to preserve our wild horses for future generations. Instead they have taken them to overcrowded holding pens and our grand old stallions and mares will no doubt be sent to slaughter. The young ones will be sold. The rest? Who knows. Today I loathe this government.

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