24 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. It’s great to see Wendy playing and enjoying life. She has come a long way from that free dog we first saw in photos. Amazing what love, security, and a good diet can do along with much needed vet care. Jade and Wendy both look great.


  2. BONUS!!! Weekend Jade AND Wendy. Thanks for sharing. I, too, remember Wendy when you first rescued her. They both looks like such happy, well adjusted dogs.


    1. Yeah, Wendy ‘baited’ her breath with treats, and then just panted on Jade to lure her into all that ‘rough play kissing.’ We know what kind of freaky-deaky girl dogs you’re harboring, you permissive dog-mom, you!


  3. Dismaying quote from the Aurora councilwoman, as reported in the article: “‘it’s not about a fact, it’s about a feeling,’ said Markert.”

    Oh, yeah, that’s a great thing to base a law on!



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