13 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that Flatties were black on the INSIDE, too!

    So…now that all the Beagles are presumably eaten by the scary dangerous pit bull, is this the last dog left? Did Jade save this one for dessert?

    1. Awhile back, I “assigned” the Weekend Jade job to Billy, figuring he might ignore me or maybe do it once. But it seems to have taken and now he is the primary Weekend Jade photographer. (I only hope he doesn’t expect a raise.) I assume he got this shot the way we get any halfway decent pic – take 1000 blurry ones of dogs running away, mostly out of frame and the 1001st one might actually come out.

      1. Even though I still love old-school print photography, the digital thing is SO much better for those ‘gotta take 1001 shots to get 1 good one situations’ that are the stuff of real life!

      2. Billy’s turned out to be a really good dog photographer. Thing is, it’s not just what photos come out – it’s knowing which ones show the most. These photos, I feel like I’m getting to know your dogs.

        As a kid, for awhile I had a neighbor who had a chow. She used to say her dog’s blue tongue was because he licked little kids so much, and all our naughtiness washed off. If only!

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