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  1. Back in August 2013, I contacted YesBiscuit! about a shelter in Canon City Colorado. It wasn’t a pretty story, you can see it here:


    But, the world has changed in just one month through the leadership of a hardworking compassionate director that has led them to become a lifesaving organization. Doug Rae walked into a pan leuk outbreak in his first month because of poor practices before he arrived. A few short months ago, all these cats would have been summarily cured with poison. Instead, Doug, his staff an volunteers set out to save everyone. They didn’t save them all, but they did what good shelters do, they strove to save lives If not for that outbreak, he achieved a 90% save rate OVERNIGHT (MORK – Minus Owner Requested Kills). In a shelter that was killing half of all the cats and almost as many dogs for decades, its a remarkable feat.

    Somehow since he got there, the “irresponsible public” oddly is running in the front doors to help, organization that were opposing the shelter bought equipment, staff are accountable, sick animals are treated with medicine and surgery (other than FatalPlus or heartstick), and individuals and organizations stepped up to empty cages when the shelter was full.

    This is a shelter worth watching. Share their FB page with them. Doug Rae may just make the Humane Society of Fremont County the best shelter in Colorado in 2015.

    1. Police shoot dogs because they want to, and they get by with it. If seems to me that police *have been* trained in dealing with dogs. Unfortunately, the training supports killing the dog. Let’s face it, not all police officers are good people. Some have no business in law enforcement period! There are those who hate other people’s dogs, and they get a high from killing the animal. It’s extremely serious business when the dangerous predator is a police officer, and it’s a joke when the matter is handled by “Internal affairs.”

    1. Thanks – this is one of the best reasons I have seen for going every day to the local shelter if you have lost a dog or cat. Some places don’t even take photos, even deceiving ones. Hope our new director sees the value and will make that change.

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  3. Are there any No Kill advocates out there who are trying to reform high-kill taxpayer-funded animal shelters that are run via contract by 501c3 humane societies? I’m curious what your experiences and lessons learned are. Thanks!

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