15 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. Ditto again! In the middle if trying to rescue a dog from miami dade murder pound, and I needed a quick pick me up, a cup of good java,, and a great shot of weekend Jade!! I needed to smile! THANKS.

  2. She is such a beautiful dog. And I need a coat like that for my pittie. It doesn’t get super cold here (an overnight freeze is a BFD) but he’s a little wimp.

    1. That would be convenient but no, their coats are way too small for Jade. Plus Wendy pretty much stays in hers all winter. I don’t think she’d want to share.

  3. I echo what everyone else has said. Always look forward to my Weekend Jade! She looks quite stylin’ in her winter attire.

  4. Beautiful Jade in her pretty winter coat. It’s a whopping 8 degrees here and she would need maybe two of these coats! We haven’t worn shorts here for some time so I consider winter to have come early to this end of the world.

      1. Jade is no average dog, you know . . . it’s only suitable that she be on a BLOG!
        president of her fan club

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