Amarillo Pound Worker Spraying Dogs with Chemicals

A rescuer visiting the Amarillo pound in Texas last week watched as an employee used his hose as a weapon against puppies, spraying them with chemicals to get them to go through a doggie door.

“He sprayed the chemicals and was spraying the animals, including the puppies to try and get them to run inside the building,” [Bridget] Brecheen said. “He soaked the puppies.”

Ms. Brecheen spoke about what she had witnessed at a city council meeting.  The pound’s interim director followed her, stating the employee was being disciplined for spraying the dogs with chemicals.  No word on what that discipline involved or whether the affected dogs were treated or if anyone bothered to check if they needed treatment or if the dogs were still alive.

But we all want the same thing, don’t criticize, blah.

(Thanks Clarice for the link.)

2 thoughts on “Amarillo Pound Worker Spraying Dogs with Chemicals

  1. They say that they’re “about 20 years behind”. Behind on what? Compassion? Competence? Was everyone okay with being an asshole 20 years ago?

    His number is wrong – they’re about 8000 years behind on their humanity.

    I do hope that said “discipline” involves putting the worker in a kennel and spraying him with chemicals…

  2. She says she’s going to keep speaking out until real changes happen there – wonder how long before she’s “banned” from entry to the shelter for some bogus reason?

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