Photo Call

Once again this year, I’d like to put together a post for Christmas day celebrating the human-animal bond in pictures.  If you would like to submit a photo for inclusion, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Photo should feature at least one pet and one human in keeping with the human-animal bond theme.  It need not be an entire human, e.g. just a hand patting a pet is ok.
  • Please include a brief caption identifying the pets, people, and what area you are from.  Your caption can be specific (e.g. “Shirley and shelter pet Fluffy in South Carolina”) or vague (“Neighborhood kids with our Pitbull in New England”).  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please clearly indicate that.
  • Photo should have no copyright issues – that is, the photo should be taken by you, a family member or someone who isn’t expecting payment for the use of the photo.
  • Please e-mail photos to me no later than December 21, 2014.

To get an idea of the kinds of pics people have submitted in previous years, take a look at ghposts of Christmas past:

4 thoughts on “Photo Call

  1. After a rough week with vets visits aplenty just looking through these photos from years past brought a smile to my heart. This year I’m going to try to get a decent pic of my pack.

    1. I’m glad. And if you don’t get a decent pic, it’s ok to send an indecent ( – erm…) one. We don’t have fancy standards for pet photos here.

  2. You are totally allowed have multiple submissions from one household, right? (she says hopefully).

    I know I said this last year, and the year before, and the year before that, but this year, THIS year I am definitely sending photos in.

    1. Yes you can send more than one pic but keep it within reason please. Although I hate to in any way discourage anyone who traditionally sends zero, heh.

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