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  1. Things are finally starting to change regarding dogs shot without reason by law enforcement. A Maryland court of appeals just awarded a family a very large sum of money including for emotional distress. I am hoping that it will open the door to other senseless killings being curtailed and those that do occur will find themselves in court having to pay heafty fines..


    1. By the way, in case you’re interested…….”Scott says it was an impartial, independent inquiry into the shooting of Maximus. Now, the acting City Manager, who was in fact the acting Chief of Police when Maximus was shot, hired a law firm specializing in representing public employers, i.e. cities and communities like Cleburne and their police departments. They, in turn, hired a former police sergeant (yes, you read that right) to do the investigation. So, you all tell me, impartial & independent?

      Scott Cain, Cleburne Mayor
      Government Official”

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