Be Seeing You, Randi

Randi was my longest lived Flatcoat.  She remained very active and healthy until just recently and I am thankful for that.  Yesterday, we had to make the singularly difficult decision to euthanize our beloved pet.  The emergency clinic placed her in a cardboard coffin for us to take home.  As always, we allow the other dogs to see the body of the dog who has died as it seems to help give them closure.  They have all been very anxious since Randi took a downward turn last week and we wanted them to know she is now at peace.  Our dogs typically spend a few moments sniffing the body of their friend then move along – except Patty.  She has stayed at the graveside of every dog who has died, keeping vigil until they are completely buried and we all go back inside. Watching Patty grieve for those who have passed helps me with my own grief.  Pets are family.

patty4patty5patty21We love and miss you Randi.

Randi, September 29, 2002 - December 30 2014
Randi, September 29, 2002 – December 30, 2014

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  1. What a beautiful girl and how blessed you were to have her for so long. I am so sorry. I love that sweet Patty. Bless her heart. Love you Shirley and Happy New Year. Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 14:00:20 +0000 To:

  2. This is my god dog “Darcy.” I found her at our country club in the heat of a hot August years ago. My next door neighbors adopted her and she still has sleepovers with me. She’s a beautiful Flat Coat and so smart and sweet. Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 14:00:20 +0000 To:

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. I tell people that the reason I have so many dogs (currently only three, was four) is because the others keep me from spiraling into depression when I lose one of them. I’m glad you have such a wonderful support network!

  4. She was beautiful Shirley . I am so sorry for the loss of your special family member Randi. The others will give yo comfort and support and help you remember the great time you had with Randi.

  5. I know you’re looking back at all the wonderful time you spent with Randi, and how much your special girl enriched your life and the lives of your other dogs. Sending happy thoughts from Pittsburgh, love from Kerry and the rather large Krueger-Decker clan of misfits and rescues (7 pups, 5 kitties, 5 parrots…and two humans).

  6. It sucks every single time, but having the loving hearts that you and Billy have and shared with her is helpful in going forward and sharing your heart with other animals and people and enriching their lives as you enriched Randi’s and she enriched yours in return. That is grace to be celebrated and cherished. I am so sorry for your loss and hope your pain is tempered by joy in the good things you share with each other about how wonderful Randi was.

  7. The grief we feel is payment for a life shared, for all the moments of joy, the little laughs, the smiles across the room. Though it feels devastatingly large when the loss is fresh, it is, in the end, such a small thing to pay for all of the love that came before. Which I think is why we do it again with the next one.

    Take care of yourself. Randi is part of you and always will be.

  8. My heart goes out to you, Billy and your doggie family. Such sad news. Every pet that is lost holds a tender spot deep inside. You’ll never be without her.

  9. The Pannebaker Pack from the Texas Hill Country sends their collective condolences on your loss. Why do grief-producing incidents always seem to happen around the holidays?

  10. Thank you everyone for the very kind comments. Although it’s a painful subject, I wish we in the animal welfare community talked about end of life, and the many issues surrounding it, more often. No matter where we got our pets or how we’ve raised them, death is the one thing we all inevitably face with them. Sharing our experiences can be both comforting and helpful to others.

  11. R.I.P., Randi, and my best to you, Shirley. My dogs are 13, 12, and 11, and I’m not looking forward to “that” day. Sending sincere sympathy.

  12. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know all dogs are special, but Flatties are better at embedding their paws in your heart than most.

  13. So sorry for your loss, prayin for you & your fury family. Thank God for you & the love you have & show + work you do! Blessings,

  14. Oh, Shirley, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s hard knowing that, almost inevitably, we will outlive them. Randi was just beautiful, what a soft look on her face.

    I am thinking of you.

  15. Shirley, thanks for saying that. I have been struggling for years with the fear of not having anyone to take my cats if something happens to me. With no family and no friends that would step up to the plate I obsess about it. I would love an open dialog about what others will do and what arrangements have been made for our beloved pets if they out live us. Perhaps another thread at some point.

  16. I wish there were some magic words that could make it not hurt, or that I had a better way of expressing how much I wish I could make it all better for you and yours. Thank you for giving her such a wonderful life, and for helping her move on as needed, knowing she was loved.

  17. Dear Shirley, I’m so sorry your beautiful Randi had to go. Her smile was filled with joy. The only comfort in letting her go is that you know she is no longer in pain or suffering. My heart goes out to your family. It was touching to see Patty being so concerned. Dogs are wonderful, special beings.

  18. So sorry for your loss, Shirley. She was a beautiful girl, I’m sure beautiful inside as well.

  19. I’m sorry for your loss Shirley. Randi was a lucky dog to have you in her life. She knew love and companionship for twelve long years before going over the rainbow bridge. I lost two cats this past year, It’s always difficult to know when to euthanize but I’m sure you made the right choice for your family.

  20. That final act of love ~ I know how it pained your heart, but you did right by angel Randi. She was a beautiful girl and clearly was very loved and cherished. I hope the day comes when you are able to think of her and smile at all of the wonderful memories you had. God speed, Randi. Run free and healthy and whole once again. Peace and comfort to those you leave behind to grieve your passing.

    (Sorry I’m so late to this . . . )

  21. Shirley, I am very sorry to read that you had to say good-bye Randi. I am honored to have known her and know that she was so very special and very much loved. Her spirit glowed all these years and her light is shine forever within your heart.

    Judy, Seeker and Magic (Wiley Creek)

  22. This is NEVER easy and a piece of our heart goes with each loss. Sending you the warmth and compassion from one human to another. Hug your babies a little tighter. They are grieving too. I have to believe we will see them again for else my heart could not stand it. It makes those of us left behind just a little more gentle.

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