13 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. So comfey. Jade is relaxing.
    My neighbor (4 year oldyellow lab) just came visiting in -5 degrees! She grabbbed the kong, I filled it with cookies and peanut butter and she jumped up on sofa and got comfey too. Gosh, I love dogs! So easy to please.

  2. Smart young lady, that Jade is! She looks so happy and comfortable. How’s that looking for a forever home for her coming?

  3. I need to get a matching umbrella, I detest getting wet! It’s so unlike me!
    Any decently raised pitbull needs to be a lady when need be,

  4. Have any of us seen what our furniture looks like?? Mine have been covered so long I couldn’t tell you. LOL!!

    1. I can no longer remember if the blanket is there to protect the chair from dog hair or to cover over the dog hair already embedded in the cushions.

      1. Need this on a sign. I was going to say embroidered on a pillow but I’m afraid it would become unreadable in short order due to dog hair.

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