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  1. I have been following the deaths of 23 dogs in a Gilbert AZ boarding facility for months now. Sheriff Joe Arpio conducted a long and thorough investigation and a Grand Jury determined that charges be filed. The county attorney now determines that those charges be dropped. He canceled a meeting with them at the last minute without any warning of doing so.

    The owners of these dogs have been through hell and back again. They certainly deserve to have their case brought to trial. It appears that politics have everything to do with Bill Montgomery dropping the charges. One of the defendants is the son of Senator Jeff Flake. It appears that politics has everything to do with it! Please check out the site below. It will lead to all the coverage of this horrible story.


  2. Mickey, the dog who lives in an Arizonia jail cell where a webcam is on him, was not feeling well this morning.

    From the Save Mickey facebook page:
    It has been determined that Mickey has two pieces of bone that are potentially causing him problems, one in his stomach, and one in his colon.
    After consultation, it was determined the best course of action, and every possible option after every possible option was considered, was to wait and see if both items pass through Mickey’s system.

    Mickey will remain out of his cell, and under close observation.
    We will continue to update you, as we receive information.
    Please say a prayer, or have a kind thought for Mickey…..


    1. Hope if surgery is necessary for him to have surgery, it will be provided. That poor dog has had a bad go of life already.

    2. Hmmm, how did he end up with two pieces of bone in his stomach & colon? While I give my dogs marrow bones, they only get to eat the marrow and any meat that might be on the outside of the bone. As soon as the bones are ‘clean’ they are taken away precisely because I don’t want them to keep chomping on bone – a cracked or chipped tooth is painful and expensive, and even small pieces of bone can cause cuts inside the digestive system that are so easily preventable by taking the bone away. If you can’t get the bone away with a simple trade of a treat or toy, don’t give the dog a bone in the first place. Leaving a dog with a bone – and no supervision – isn’t smart. But then, we are talking about Maricopa County Jail here, so….

    3. Update – 1/11/2015
      We have been told Mickey is doing well, eating and drinking normally. He has not thrown up again since he has been under observation. Mickey will remain under observation today, and another X-ray will be taken tomorrow.
      Please continue to keep Mickey in your thoughts and prayers.

  3. I left a comment. Poor Gus; I wish they’d let someone really good with difficult dogs, like Eldad Hagar, work with him.

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