15 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. Damn, I really love your pics! I rarely comment on anything but please keep the pics coming.

    a hound person who is now trying to understand the mind of a rescued schnauzer, the neediest animal I’ve ever been close with.
    (never, ever thought I’d be living with a schnauzer)

    1. That’s Wendy. She was there first. Jade takes up some comical positions while trying to squeeze in w/her, all while maintaining a pretense of “I’m totally comfortable, I always lay like this”.

  2. “I know there’s room to squeeze in” — LOL! I love the positions that some of my dogs get in just so they can be close.

  3. “Wendy looks a cold and lonely. I will HELP her by providing warmth and cover from the freezing temperatures and misery of being all by herself.” Jade is such a comfort to all the sad, unloved ones in your house /snort/.

  4. that should be “Wendy looks cold and lonely.” I don’t know how that weird letter ‘a’ got in there!

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