Forsyth Co Officials SavingNotSaving Pets from the Cold

Forsyth Co, NC:

Over the last two days, at least 57 animals were saved from the sub-freezing temperatures in Forsyth County.

Animals saved.  Yay!

However, FOX8 has learned that at least one of these animals will be euthanized.


Many more of the animals may meet the same fate.

Animals saved?

“If they do die, it’s a humane death. It’s not the type of situation they’d face if we didn’t do anything,” [Forsyth Co Animal Control’s Lt. John Day] said.

If we didn’t do anything – like for example, kill them.  Which sounds pretty terrible but did we mention it’s humane and such?

As if things aren’t bleak enough for animals outside in Forsyth Co, the people killing them have enablers:

There are a lot more things worse than euthanasia,” said the nonprofits’ Jennifer Tierney. “They would have continued to live like that had it not been that they were taken.”

There are no fates worse than death.  Where there’s life, there’s hope.  Is anyone in Forsyth Co advocating for the rights these animals have to live?  We don’t have to choose between letting them freeze to death or killing them with injectable poison.  There’s always that third option of respecting their right to life and the county actually doing its job to shelter them.

She also wants anyone who might feel sick realizing they called in a tip on a cold pet and probably got them killed to know that they shouldn’t worry:

“You did the right thing to protect them, and it’s everybody’s responsibility to look out for these dogs,” she said. “Keep your eyes open and report everything you see and keep reporting it. You are the voice for the voiceless.”

Oh yes compassionate citizens of Forsyth Co, definitely keep your eyes peeled for any lost or homeless pet you might be able to “save” or “protect” by getting them into the hands of people who think death is a kindness.

With any luck, the freezing temperatures will snap their phone lines.

(Thank you Jan for the link.)

5 thoughts on “Forsyth Co Officials SavingNotSaving Pets from the Cold

  1. “Those who are not claimed will be evaluated for adoption, but if they are not found to be adoptable, they could be humanely euthanized, according to Day.” I wonder what their definition of “not adoptable” is. Gets annoyed when you poke at their food dish with a plastic hand? Has a URI? More than 5 years old?

  2. I’m sorry, you don’t get to call it “saving” an animal if you’re just going to kill it. That’s called “culling” and it’s different.

    Theoretically, all of these animals have owners, already. How would they need to be “adopted” and for what fees? Why not just take them in when it’s cold, then return them (maybe with help of proper shelter/plenty of clean straw) from whence they came?

  3. I do like Guardians of Rescue who do things like build doghouses, supply straw etc, that’s better than nothing.
    There seems to be a real problem with thinking outside the kill box at way too many shelters.

    1. We have some amazing groups who are doing this in Michigan, many in the Detroit area where there is a huge need. They provide houses, straw, food, light tie outs (if the owners have chains or heavy tie outs), heaters, fencing or fencing repair, medical care AND education and support to the owners. It’s really quite wonderful what they do for the dogs and people there. Since they don’t have a rescue, if they have animals surrendered they work with local rescues to help find new homes. My fantasy is to have a similar kind of program for feral/stray/outdoor cats. The reality is is that, for lots of reasons, there will be animals who have to survive outdoors. My admiration and gratitude to those folks who can help people with a positive attitude . . .

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