Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville, TX: Priorities

Warning: Disturbing photos

clean truck
Screengrab from Facebook

This screengrab from Facebook appears to show a 2013 posting from Klein Animal Shelter director Angela Wallace who was charged with felony animal cruelty this year.  The caption indicates that her staff at the shelter “finished up early” and had time to wash her truck for her.  We now know from state documents and photographs that what the staff finished up early was neglecting and torturing animals.

Cats in a filthy cage at the Klein Animal Shelter.
Cats in a filthy cage at the Klein Animal Shelter.

State documents indicate that dead animals were left to pile up in cages at Klein because none of the employees wanted to risk soiling their vehicles by driving the remains to the dump for disposal.

Waste trough at Klein Animal Shelter.  A pair of animal legs is visible hanging out the back of a cage into the trough.
Waste trough at Klein Animal Shelter. A pair of animal legs is visible hanging out the back of a cage into the trough.

Animals suffering in filth. Dead animals piled up in cages. But the staff had time to wash the director’s truck.

The city of Jacksonville, along with several other cities, paid Klein for sheltering services for years. If you are a taxpayer in one of these cities, you paid for this.

(Thanks Stephen Pope for sending me these photos.)

8 thoughts on “Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville, TX: Priorities

  1. No words . . . at least none that I could say here.
    Thanks to Stephen Pope for not letting this story be swept under the rug.
    What say those residents who pay taxes for these atrocities?

  2. Thank you Stephen Pope for bringing this to light
    This whole place needs reform and that staff
    Needs jail tjme

  3. Thanks to all -for letting me know that this country it isn’t what many try to make believe -it is a shame that any type of government-small or big -city – county – state and federal do not have plenty inspectors and cams to make sure that our domestic animals are care better then they are it is a real shame –the government should step RAISE TAXES if they need –and impose very stiff penalties for people that do not care to spay -register and take care of their dogs -as they do with children …

  4. This is horrible, I can’t believe people can be so damn cruel. I hope that B…. and that idiot Jason were fired and jailed.

  5. This is a prime example of the waste and abuse of taxpayers money.It also illustrates that the shelter’s priorities were winning bbq and chili cook offs and promoting Angela Wallace and Braun Cyr’s fight club. I believe he is in line to be arrested, but I emphasize that is not official. I knew there was a reason I hate bbq. Sure the shelter is non-profit,however, most of its money comes from contracts with city and county governments. Very little is from donations and fundraisers. So you see, what she really meant to say is we finished early killing adoptable kittens, puppies dogs, and cat so they could wash my freaking redneck truck. Angela Wallace is wasting valuable air that others could breathe, that’s all she is doing.

  6. Here’s the email between Daniel Reece, chief of police, and me:

    From Reece Daniel reece.daniel@jacksonvilletx.org

    I am not certain what facts you have but the true facts are that Klein was a private shelter. We investigated and arrested people. Klein is now closed but we are still investigating other people. Other than that I cannot discuss it because it is still an open case.

    Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 1:11 PM
    To: mo.raissi@jacksonvilletx.org; hubert.robinson@jacksonvilletx.org.; jeff.smith@jacksonvilletx.org; billy.mcdonald@jacksonvilletx.org; reece.daniel@jacksonvilletx.org
    Subject: Klein Animal Shelter

    I am writing to request that you conduct an immediate and thorough investigation into the cruelty, criminal actions, abuses of power, and abuses of municipal resources perpetrated at the Klein Animal Shelter as well as swift prosecution of any and all malfeasance.

    Thank you.

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