Treats on the Internets

A document obtained via FOIA request from the city of Maryville, TN shows that in 2014, the shelter had a 99% save rate. Well done!

The state of CT has created a task force for the purpose of  improving conditions for animals in public shelters.

Haters gonna hate.  But if you check out the comments on the linked article it looks like this private shelter in MT, which saved more than 1100 animals last year, has strong support within the community.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Arizona – A USDA employee who disliked his neighbor’s dog set two steel coyote traps and baited them with lure paste in order to trap the pet.  The dog lost 17 teeth trying to free herself.  The employee was charged with animal cruelty.  The USDA submitted a letter to the court stating the employee acted lawfully.  (Thanks Clarice.)

This article debunks some of the myths surrounding homeless people who own pets.

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Laurel Cats has helped spay, neuter, and vaccinate the pets, dogs as well as cats, belonging to homeless people who live in a large encampment near a creek in the Laurel, Maryland, area. They also provide food for the animals through their pet food bank, and they also provide food and medical services to animals belonging to other low-income residents.

  2. The Haters gonna hate article – sounds like the place needs some better managerial practices, but the haters have no intentions of taking the animals there should the place be shut down. Classic situation where egos trump rationality.

  3. This is for Mr. Russell and his trap, My Attorney (per say) said it’s okay to put ur UGLY face in a trap, Does that make it right. ???????

  4. D. Lake has it right!
    Sonofabitch should feel what that dog went thru!
    After my spiritual counseler, bartender, and barber
    Say it’s all right

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