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  1. It has been a great week b/c the circus elephants in Ringling Bros will no longer be part of the big tent (starting in 2018). It is a long wait and they still have to perform (and continue their abuse) but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We need to put pressure on the Feld Co (which owns Ringling) to give up all animal acts in the circus so that no more big cats, horses, camels, etc… have to live that treacherous lifestyle. Give it up Ringling!.

      1. Cattle will eat tiny beasties, too – I saw that when I was a kid, and was mightily surprised. I’ve gathered that a lot of herbivores are not strictly herbivorous. Makes sense, really, just like songbirds and hummingbirds hawk for bugs during nesting season, and raise their young on them. Fish, too, I’ve often seen mostly herbivorous pet fish go to town on worms and brine shrimp. I had a pleco for years who’d park himself over a ball of wiggly tubifex worms and suck them up like noodles, never mind he was categorized as an herbivore.

      2. Eucritta, when you put it like that, it does make sense. But boy, I was really taken aback. Just didn’t know.

      3. I was going to say something similar Eucritta. There’s quite a few animals who we classify as vegetarians who really, well, aren’t….chickens for example do far better on a diet including bugs than they do on an entirely vegi diet. And thats not counting the ones who’ll eat their own eggs…..

    1. Sorry to hear that the Winnipeg Humane Society is not doing all it could to encourage placement of pets. I still enjoy the promo they did a few years ago:

      Another promo I love is from the Wake County SPCA (Raleigh NC):

      For those with good memories, Yes, I have posted these here before. But YesBiscuit! attracts new readers all the time, right? And some of them might inspire their local shelters to use entertaining videos to promote available pets, and maybe even switch to a No Kill model if not already operating that way, so I’m posting these links again.

  2. Linda,

    Our court system doesn’t agree with you because, after hearing MUCH testimony over 14 years , found NOTHING that could prove any abuse of Ringling’s elephants except that which was fabricated by AR undercover activists and so Ringling was awarded 16 million dollars in damages for the lies that were told about them. ( google that) That $16,000.000.00 came out of money donated by people who thought they were helping animals, not funding lies. Those lies are still continuing so many children will now never get to see a real elephant. or, probably eventually, a lion, tiger or bear. Seeing real animals in the circus when I was a child gave me a much greater appreciation for them than I could ever have gotten from pictures or a documentary. (BTW, elephants have been domesticated for eons and are not exclusively wild animals.)

    I am SO SICK of hearing PETA and HSUS propaganda which is paid for by those sob story commercials that con people into thinking that their donations will help those poor animals in them. PETA and HSUS get over $300,000,000.00 a year of which less than 1% goes to actually helping those sad animals in their commercials. I’ve spent my life rescuing and fostering animals, animals which PETA would just kill and HSUS just ignores.

    ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!’ (For those of you too young to remember it, that’s a quote from a great movie.)

    Geraldine Clarke

    P.S. Thank you, blog-master, for putting up that hedgehog picture. It brought back some great memories. When I lived in Oregon, I had some wonderful hedgehogs. Not only are they delightful companions but hey are an incredibly effective animal for teaching children how to read animal signals and to understand what animals are thinking. You misunderstand what the hedgehog wants and you get spiney prickles. It usually only takes once for any kid to learn to watch what the eyes, ears, posture, etc. is saying. I’m in CA now where hedgehogs are illegal for no reasonable reason and I so wish I could have some again.

  3. Geraldine Clark:

    Actually it was not a matter of the court finding “NOTHING” in the case of abuse against the elephants, it was that no decision was ever made one way or the other b/c the case was settled by both groups who agreed to drop all charges and pay fines.

    I am not defending the acts of the animal groups who allegedly lied and paid a witness to testify in their favor. IMO what they did was (allegedly) wrong and illegal. Again, no one was ever found guilty of that or ever tried for said offences. When you agree on a settlement all parties are off the hook and no one is found guilty or innocent of anything.

    When you say the “lies are continuing” and children will never see elephants in the circus you seem to ignore the fact that Feld is the one making the decision to take elephants out of the acts, not the courts or the animal groups. Feld has decided not to continue the elephants b/c they see the tide is changing and more and more people are finding these kinds of acts are inhumane. Over 40 cities have now banned some kind of circus acts or equipment such as the elephants themselves or the bull hooks. They can’t fight that kind of progress.

    Forcing elephants to travel in cramped RR cars for hundreds of thousands of miles, over periods of years in an elephant’s life time, using various contraptions such as bull hooks to train them and denying them their natural patterns of foraging up to 50 miles a day is not OK with many people. And the science (see Nature Magazine) is telling us that separating elephants from their herds at young ages and preventing them from socializing with their clan and foraging activities is creating a type of PTSD. Those bred in captivity never are given the chance to experience their natural lifestyles when they spend their lives on the road of a circus.

    Confining elephants to circus acts is like confining a whale to Sea World. And there are endless amounts of video footage to prove that they are treated inhumanely. (http://tinyurl.com/63eey3h ) . Elephants may have been working by the sides of humans for centuries but this is an arrangement that humans have created not the elephants. They have had no say or choice in their captivity so making it sound like it is some kind of mutual agreement is disingenuous.

    If you want to be an apologist for the circus so be it. But people are figuring out that compassion for these animals means more than dressing them up to look like dancing dolls, transporting them in confined spaces, forcing them to act in unnatural ways at the threat of a bull hook and giving children something to shriek (as they watch elephants performing). Compassion means giving them safe habitats to live in and letting them live like elephants and not some anthropomorphized freak.

  4. Kill shelter in Canada asking for cats…
    What a disservice the national chains are doing. All for what? Synegerstic data bases of supporters to market their wares? No kill used to have value. These chains has just stomped on the no-kill value. And the small orgs who uphold that mindset.

  5. Please Help: I know you are aware of some seriously questionable goings on at ACS in San Antonio and have read your accountes of 3 incidents that took place there. I have been following them for a few months now, and it is a frelling chamber of horrors. They list dogs for adoption with the description “non-contagious medical condition that SAPA can deal with no problem!” (San Antonio Pets Alive, volunteers affiliated w/ACS, trying to help animals find homes, but also under ACS’ thumb, so they can’t ‘make waves’ (I was blocked almost right away over a very pregnant dog ~ that was her non-contagious medical condition;’ I was told in no uncertain terms that she would be spayed before she was allowed to leave the building, even if she was in labor, pretty much ~ and as a result of my trying to get the information out that only pre-approved rescues could pull an unspayed dog from ACS, seeing as someone wanted to adopt her, I was excommunicated. I’ve been following events at ACS; they all follow this pattern. Dogs are listed as healthy on their adoption charts, then killed for some medical condition which, were it serious enough, should have precluded the animal being adoptable. But, one way or the other: NO. What I saw posted out of ACS tonight is just too much. A mature beagle mix, bleeding from open holes in his skull, where someone either took a pickax to him, or shot him in the head. Lying in a cell receiving no medical help. Adoption chart lists nothing amiss. Here is the link to his terrible photos; he has got to be suffering horribly!! https://www.facebook.com/CuteBeetleBug/posts/10205933617240791?comment_id=10205934683227440&notif_t=like
    Please let me know what you can about TX animal welfare laws (I will be looking up what I have). Short of a miracle (looks like an all-nighter), this poor guy won’t make it through tomorrow. Please advise. I am in New England, but I want to do what I can to help the animals in this hellhole. (Feel free to pM me)

    1. 17 years old. And shooting dogs and tying them to the railroad tracks because they’re too nice to fight.

      What do you even do with that?

      1. Last November 3 dogs went missing in my small town and their bodies were later found near a RR track, obviously hit by the train and killed. No one claims to know anything about it but a reward of over 2000 dollars has been offered. The 3 dogs had been stolen out of their back yards and were from 2 different families. So sad and can’t help but think how scared they must have been.

        Amazing that this dog was found alive and video tape available to track down the perpetrators. I do hope they get time in jail and psychological treatment.

  6. Help Break the Silence! “Silent Shelter” is a documentary film about our country’s broken animal sheltering system, and what happens to the volunteers and rescuers who speak out for change. We created a trailer, and recently launched a 40-day Indiegogo Campaign to bring awareness to the issues and raise funds to help us complete the film. If you are able to make a contribution or share the project with those who might lend support, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much for helping to give the shelter animals a voice!


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