9 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. I lost an HOUR of bone chewing?
    Hmmmm, lets see. I clocked in with this bone at noon and if i concentrate on paw handling and toothwork i should be able to polish this off by……omg! I wonder if Shroeder can explain this daylite savings thing to me.
    He is older and wiser but i wont ever admit it to his face. Oh well let me get back to the important thing…..this bone!


      1. *blinks* Like…Fahrenheit?

        *looks outside at the two feet of hard-packed snow on the ground*

        Hmmm. Well…we may get up to 40 degrees today! First day we’re above freezing in a very long time, so … uh … so there!


    1. Mikken, I think they call it “grass” – we don’t have any of that in Michigan, either. However, we are above zero, so we are happy campers!
      Oh, I agree this is one of Miss Jade’s absolute best photo shoots. Love this girl!



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