Treats on the Internets

An owner surrendered her house cat to a vet clinic in GA and staff called DeKalb Co AC to pick up the friendly pet.  When a rescue group contacted the pound to ask about helping the cat, they were told the AC worker had dumped her in a park instead of bringing her to the pound.  (A scenario which will undoubtedly delight the so-called animal welfare groups in favor of abandoning cats instead of sheltering them.)  DeKalb Co says it was an oopsie, never happened before, workers will receive additional training… you know the drill.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Fourteen pitbulls were “rescued” from what appears to have been a dogfighting operation in LA. Police were conducting a drug raid when they discovered the injured and abused dogs. The dogs were taken to East Baton Rouge Animal Control where they were immediately photographed as evidence then killed. Ignorant bastards.

The USDA APHIS Wildlife Services killed 2.7 million animals last year, including 16 “pets or livestock” and 1001 “feral or free-ranging” dogs and cats.  (Thank you Arlene for the link.)

Poland – Resident shelter cat helps pets receiving vet care to heal.  (Thanks Lisa.)

A few brief excerpts from the 2015 International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Feline Behavior Conference.

The most interesting cat paintings of artist Louis Wain, who was schizophrenic.

Animal sculptures made of salvaged plastic

Computer bugs

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I cannot imagine the heartbreak of having to surrender you cat (for whatever reason) to a place you think is safe, only to find out that your cat has been driven to a strange area and DUMPED to fend for herself. Of course, they think this is the very first time it’s happened. Yeah, right.

    It’s not a rescue if you kill them. Someone should have told them that.

    Wildlife Services is a bunch of yahoos running around killing stuff willy nilly. I wish to God someone would install some direct oversight on those jerks. Or at least some accountability. Or SOMETHING.

  2. Thanks for the peek at some art I’m sure I would not otherwise have seen! Sure wish I could get me a few of Wain’s cats and a bunch of computer bugs.

  3. Our local animal control office went through the process of hiring a new manager and the one who was the interim manager almost sent us back into the dark ages with HER ideas…one of which was to turn all spayed and neutered cats free to fend for themselves!I came close to decking this idiot when we had to bring in my recently deceased neighbors LONGTIME companion who was declawed and had spent all of her 10 ys IN the house with her owner.Although I was full up with cats, I took Millie back home with me..vowing to bring that roof DOWN on this idiot’s head.Saved from that because they FINALLY hired a guy whose idea of CARE is along the lines it has taken us 25 ys to GET to at this facility….spay /neuter the feral cats and find them HOMES if they are amenable to it but NEVER force a long time INSIDE cat to BECOME feral when it takes so little to help them be rehomed……and NEVER kill healthy animals for NO reason other than expediency!

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