State Investigation Determines Two Injured Cats Left to Suffer at Columbus Co Pound

The troubled Columbus Co pound has received a warning letter from the state of North Carolina indicating that the pound “may be in violation of the North Carolina Animal Welfare Act”.  After receiving a letter of complaint from rescuers, the state investigated and determined that Columbus Co may have violated the portion of the law which requires pounds to either seek veterinary care for sick/injured animals or kill them.  The findings pertain to two cats pulled by rescue groups – one who was left without veterinary care for a week at the pound while suffering from two fractured ribs, a draining abscess, bite wounds all over the body and blood in the lungs:

Portion of warning letter from the state of NC to the Columbus pound.

Portion of warning letter from the state of NC to the Columbus pound.

The second cat was a kitten who was left for several days without treatment at the pound despite having open wounds on his legs and part of his face falling off.  Pound workers characterized the extent of the kitten’s injuries to rescuers as “an old scab” on the leg:

Portion of warning letter from the state of NC to the Columbus pound.

Portion of warning letter from the state of NC to the Columbus pound.

The state is requiring the Columbus Co pound to provide written protocols and additional training to workers regarding veterinary care and assessment of animals. This isn’t the pound’s first rodeo and it hardly seems reasonable to hope that meaningful change will result from the current warning letter. Reform, as usual, is left up to local citizens to force.

(Thanks Arlene and Clarice for sending me this story.)

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  1. If they don’t eat or drink, you don’t have to top off food and water, so it’s really easy. And if they can’t move, they can’t use the litter box, so life is good! Coffee breaks for everyone – whee!

  2. jean

     /  May 14, 2015

    are these two cats still alive and how are they doing ? It is really awful how people in our world treat animals today, too many people think that cats and dogs don’t have feeling, but boy are they wrong, when people abuse animals or allow they to suffer, then they should be treated the same way

  3. Harnett Hawk

     /  May 14, 2015

    Rossie Hayes is the embodification of the “good old boy” syndrome at its very worst. The County manager and commissioners are well aware of his inappropriate behavior, including rudeness to visitors, incompetence, and allegations of drinking on the job and driving his County vehicle while under the influence. He gets rid of volunteers who challenge or question him, even though it is those people who do the actual work. Yet the powers that be do nothing and Hayes continues to act with impunity. Gotta wonder, dontcha?

  4. We need to keep up the pressure on the county manager, commissioners by shaming them through petitions. Share far and wide.

  5. izzyvanover

     /  May 15, 2015

    I’m sick of these jerks getting paid and not doing their work! If they don’t care about the animals, they should get another job! Cruelty to animals isn’t an option!

  6. For anyone who hasn’t seen this and is interested in what is going on at shelters.

    • db

       /  June 1, 2015

      Thanks for sharing the truth about what is going on in that slaughter house. It was hard to read and see the pictures of those victims of the massacre, from babies to seniors who had the misfortune to end up there. Until more people know the truth, this will continue.



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