Treats on the Internets

Warning:  Disturbing, graphic photo at first link:  A photo of a bloody dog on the end of a chokepole at the Hesperia pound in CA has been causing outrage on social media.  The photo may be from 2013.  Readers may remember this video of a dog being casually dragged down a hall at Hesperia while two other workers chatted.  The city investigated itself in the matter and now says two employees are no longer on the payroll but won’t discuss any details.  (Thanks to everyone who sent me links on this story.)

Many shelters sell their dead cats to dealers who re-sell them to schools for dissection by students.  OK high school students made a video of dead cats in their anatomy class “dancing” to the Meow Mix jingle.  In a statement, the high school characterized the behavior as a “mistake”.  (Thanks Susan.)

The director of the municipal shelter in Dona Ana Co, NM was charged with two misdemeanors after allegedly refusing to disclose a dog’s microchip information to a county ACO.  The dog had been impounded in connection with a livestock killing incident.  The director has filed a tort suit against the county in response.

This person is dangerous and I can not fathom why Petfinder would have any association with someone who has caused so much harm to shelter dogs.

A comprehensive and excellent primer on the truth about PETA, especially useful to send to people you come across who are all, “But PETA helps animals, right?”.

The demand for animals by the animal mummy industry in ancient Egypt was so great that some animal populations were devastated and many of the animal mummies were actually faked.

David Attenborough explains in an interview why he is still passionate about documenting nature at age 89.

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  1. John Sibley has posted an update on the Sue Sternberg story, which includes (along with a link to a very interesting article on canine behavioral testing) info on the dog she condemned for being mouthy during the described presentation in the first post:
    … apparently Camo is not aggressive, and just needs to learn how to properly dog.

    I was shocked and dismayed to read in the comments to the first post that Sternberg has been known to condemn very young puppies for being ‘mouthy,’ based on her tests. Good grief. Every infant mammal I’ve ever known has been mouthy, it’s part of how we explore and first interact with our world. We’ve all had to learn not to.

  2. Concerning the Petfinder talk – Twelve years ago I adopted a four year old GSD/Rott mix that had been at the shelter for two years. He was an awesome dog. Never any trouble and he was very protective of me. I love him dearly and had to let him go when he was fifteen years old. A couple of years ago I adopted another Rott mix that had been at the shelter for six months. He is also a wonderful dog that is well balanced in nature. I am very grateful that neither of my dogs came in contact with someone like Ms. Sternberg.

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