Treats on the Internets

A nonprofit that runs the pound in Calhoun Co, AL is opposed to legislation requiring shelters to make their kill stats available to the public.  They do kill animals and admit that hundreds more fell over dead in their cages at the facility last year.  But the nonprofit blames the uncaring, uneducated public for the killing and supports legislation which would punish pet owners and prevent many people from legally having pets.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Former employees of Orange Co Animal Care in CA allege that the department was and is run by people focused on generating revenue – sometimes through unethical means such as fabricating an abuse report on a pet showing no signs of abuse.  (Thanks Clarice.)

The director of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control was placed on indefinite leave pending an internal investigation after only a few months on the job.  The city refused to disclose any details regarding the investigation.  The director then resigned and the city has named a sergeant from the police department as his replacement.  (Thank you Jan.)

The Lancaster Co SPCA killed 14 dogs in response to a reported distemper outbreak at the shelter.  (Thanks Clarice.)

A Los Angeles firefighter was found guilty of battery with serious bodily injury and assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury after he assaulted a woman for feeding stray cats in his neighborhood. He reportedly dragged the woman from her car and beat her so severely that she doesn’t remember the incident. He tried to lie his way out of it but surveillance camera footage captured the assault and refuted his claims. (Thanks Anne.)

Protesting factory farms:  you’re doing it wrong.

Next time you feel disappointed in your local weather forecast, be thankful at least you’re not getting spider rain.

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  1. The Danish DJ who murdered the rabbit made the front page of the New York Times:

    The whole thing reminds me of the American animal shelter director who murdered a dog in front of reporters in order to blame the public for shelter killing:

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