Oh Roswell

the menagerieMaybe you’ve heard that aliens crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947 and the government covered it up.  Maybe you are skeptical.  I, for one, believe.  And as proof, I offer the current city leadership of Roswell, specifically the mayor and the police chief, because their actions can only be attributed to some sort of alien mind control.

Regular readers may remember when Roswell mayor Dennis Kintigh banned every rescue group in the state from saving dogs at the pound because of an incident involving the son of one of his police detectives.  Now animal advocates are voicing concern about dogs and cats being killed at the pound while cages sit empty.  But explanation:

[P]olice chief Phil Smith says they’re just following the ordinance that gives dogs one week and cats four days to get adopted.

“We’re going to stick to the rules, we’re going to do it to the letter,” said Smith.

To clarify, the it they are doing to the letter is killing lost and homeless pets.  So although the facility has space to house these animals, the city staff opts to kill them instead, because they can.

And then there’s this:

Both Smith and Mayor Dennis Kintigh say that if taxpayers want to fund and run their own shelter, they should.

Wait –

I thought –

mean aliens
Dark is the suede that mows like a harvest.

Aren’t taxpayers already shelling out $400 grand a year to fund this shelter?  Isn’t this shelter the taxpayers’ own shelter?  How could either the police chief or the mayor, both of whom would have to know that taxpayers are paying for this shelter (and their salaries), possibly say something so absurd out loud and not drunk?

You see what I’m saying?  Aliens.

(Thanks Clarice and Davyd for sending me this story.)

12 thoughts on “Oh Roswell

  1. Nuts and whackos hate animals and the people who love them. Roswell sounds like one of those places like Memphis where people are afraid to go let alone a pet getting loose.

  2. Roswell has people that love animals just like anywhere else. they need to band together to facilitate change in this regressive shelter. They also need to find representatives with any amount of compassion to replace the current jack wagons that are running their town.

  3. God, that’s depressing. “If you don’t like the killing (on your tax dollars), go make a shelter yourself and pay for that, too.” Um, okay. But first, we get to STOP paying you, right?

  4. I don’t get it either, we fund a lot of things with our tax dollars and yet we have no say in how they’re run. They somehow become the property of who ever is in power this election cycle.
    And I’m blaming you for making me cue up Don Henley, They’re not Here, great song.

  5. I’d be relieved if they were Reptoids from Gliese 581. Or Uranus. Or wherever.

    These are fellow human beings who just don’t care about the pets in the shelter, don’t care that they’re responsible for them, don’t care that anyone knows they don’t care, aren’t about to start caring any time soon, and are firmly of the opinion that anyone who doesn’t like it can shove it. Because … reasons.

    If they were actual extraterrestrials, I could at least think, ‘Well, they’re not human, so I can’t expect them to act like it.’ As it is, well. What goes around does tend to come around, even if it sometimes takes its sweet time about it.

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