9 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. It’s clear that she’s trying VERY hard to be a good girl. But when you’re young and naturally bouncy, it can be so very hard….

    She’s such a pretty girl.

  2. “Please, can I run around just a little?”
    Love her expressive eyes.
    Hope it cools down so she and her buddies can do the zoomies again very soon.

    1. The weather forecast calls for a lot more indoor time – all week in fact. Jade is the youngest and therefore bounciest dog in the house so it’s hardest on her. Second hardest on Wendy, whom Jade views as a super fun play buddy who definitely wants to play as often as Jade does (all the time).

  3. She’s saying “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY” (even if I don’t have my very own food bowl yet). LOL

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