Chihuahua Stealers Offer Chihuahuas for Adoption

PETA’s annual reports to the state of Virginia indicate that the organization kills most of its animals, adopting out just 1% of them.

Graphic via Nathan Winograd's blog.
Graphic via Nathan Winograd’s blog.

But as reader Valerie posted in the current Open Thread, PETA has posted on Facebook that it has two Chihuahuas available for adoption.  I don’t know for certain how PETA obtained these Chihuahuas although maybe, as claimed in the FB post, they bought them at a garage sale.

that did not happen

The only way I know for sure that PETA gets Chihuahuas is by sending out dognappers to steal them, as seen in this surveillance video:

Apparently all the negative publicity garnered by PETA’s theft and killing of Maya, the Chihuahua seen in the above video, has motivated them to try a distraction technique involving other Chihuahuas (aw!) – a mother and baby (awwwww!) who were being sold like old glass ashtrays at a tag sale (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!) and now need a good home (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoowoowoo!).

Totally fooled me, anyway.

10 thoughts on “Chihuahua Stealers Offer Chihuahuas for Adoption

  1. Interesting. I wonder if anyone asked why they didn’t just kill these two Chi’s like they did all the others? I mean, if they actually purchased them, then they are free and clear to kill them off immediately, no waiting period (you know, like the waiting period they were legally obligated to give the others, but didn’t).

    If anyone gets a copy of PeTA’s adoption form, I’d love to see it. I also wonder what kind of adoption fees they have?

    PeTA right now is in the same boat as Sea World – trying desperately to control the PR so people stop (justifiably) thinking that they’re bad people who hurt and kill animals. And with that process I wish them all the luck in the world – all the bad luck, that is! May the toilet swirl of your own making suck you down forever, jerk faces. And have a lovely trip as you go.

      1. Do I plan to spay or neuter this animal? No, because I expect you with your billions of dollars to have already spayed or neutered this animal and not being adopting out intact pets.

        It’s not an extensive app and I suspect that there’s a LOT more in the screening process than just this. I also wonder about adoption fees with them. God knows, they’ve got so much money coming in, they should be giving pets away for free (and will still be raking in massive profits), but you know, poor people can’t properly care for or love pets. In fact, as far as PeTA is concerned, 99.9% of people can’t properly care for or love pets.

      2. “Will the animal be chained, crated, or otherwise
        confined within your house or yard?” Nah, I like to leave all the doors and gates wide open so my dogs can have their independence. What kind of question is this? I mean you’re either confining the dog in some way or you’re letting them run at large, right?

      3. Yes they seem to think they are clever. I guess we need to give our dogs their own keys to the house so they can run inside and lock the door if they see the PETA van rolling up.

    1. Perfume on a pig is still a pig (no offense meant to pigs). I hope peta and sea world are out of the animal business before this is over. Too bad ms boss didn’t choke on her vegan birthday cake!

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