Texas ACO Leaves Cats to Suffer and Die in Truck

Michael Arista, an ACO in Big Spring, Texas, reportedly picked up “numerous” cats at some unknown time last week and put them in the metal boxes on his ACO vehicle which he left in a police station parking lot in 95 degree heat.  A police officer noticed the vehicle on Saturday morning and contacted the on-call ACO.  When that ACO arrived and opened up the metal boxes, it was discovered that 4 of the cats had died.

A local news reporter contacted ACO Arista who reportedly characterized the incident as a mistake and complained that the ACOs in Big Springs are overworked.  And just in case that doesn’t shut you up:

Arista added that the cats were feral, very sick and would likely be euthanized.

See.  They were just gonna be killed anyway so what’s all the fuss about?

Cue the local enablers:

“People like to vilify and put the blame on the Animal Control officers and it really comes down to the system as a whole and the changes that need to be made,” said Alison Herm, Volunteer with Relocation Rescue.


“Unfortunately, there are so many feral cats that if Animal Control traps them, they are so feral that there is nothing they can do for them but to euthanize them,” said Herm.

So many, so feral.  *shrug*  I guess it’s just off to Killville.  Never mind all the communities doing TNR for their feral cats.  They probably don’t have so many, so feral.  Big Spring is unique!

Photo by Casey Post
This is the cat I’d like to feed enablers to.  (Photo by Casey Post)

ACO Arista has been placed on administrative leave while the city investigates itself in the matter.

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17 thoughts on “Texas ACO Leaves Cats to Suffer and Die in Truck

  1. Yeah, so the cats are dead and sure, they died a horrific, suffering death, but hey, we were just going to kill them anyway, so what’s the big deal?

    NO. First off, screw Arista and Herm and every other person who is okay with this. If *I* take four cats, put them in a metal box in the sun until they die, I’m a monster. But if an ACO does it, it’s a “mistake”? Bullshit.

    Herm is right about one thing – it DOES come down to the system as a whole and changes that need to be made. Because a system that is supposed to shelter animals and instead slaughters them wholesale and then boo hoos about how “overworked” the killers are is a system that needs to be changed.

  2. I live in Big Spring Tx. This is just part of the problem that is wrong with our animal control and pound. They kill dogs that are tagged for rescue, Animal Control needs to be deleted, the pound needs to be taken away from them and tan by loving volunteers, they are not here for the quality of life of the animals, a director statement from our chief of police to me. I am a independent dog rescue from Big Spring

  3. Depressing … These animals were allowed to breed….. People not caring about life…
    Allowing indifference to their existence…. M

    1. The reproductive status of these individual cats has absolutely squat to do with why they died, and is not a valid excuse for the depraved indifference of the people involved.

    2. Excuse me, but these cats are doing what intact cats do. It is up to us to TNR and allow them to live out their lives. How do you think killing them will stop the others from breeding? And the absolute nonchalance these folks have about the value of life is frightening to me. Anyone who can be so ho-hum about killing has lost his/her soul. RIP, kitties. I’m sorry that you were treated so cruelly by humans. You did not deserve to suffer and die.

  4. If Arista gets sick, I hope the Dr. prescribes “Two Tylenols
    and a hot truck”. And I hope the Tylenols are only placebos. Dumba$$.

  5. That ACO Michael Arista should be charged and convicted of animal cruelty. The entire staff and management of that AC needs to be fired and people with integrity and compassion hired. Community members stand up and demand change now!

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