AL Shelter Under Investigation by Police

In February, the Lawrence Co Commission in Alabama awarded an $80,000 annual AC contract to Bobbie Taylor, whom the county had previously been paying $15 per animal for sheltering services. The controversial decision included an agreement that Ms. Taylor purchase and operate a new shelter within 6 months. She is currently using private property to house animals, many of them outdoors, for the county. Her shelter’s website states:

She has the backing of the community, local officials and AVRAL (Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation), a grassroots political action committee dedicated to helping pass animal-friendly legislation. It is run by Dr. Rhonda Parker.

I’ve blogged about AVRAL before.

In April, pictures from the Lawrence Co shelter were reportedly circulated on social media and claims were made that the conditions were sub-standard. The local paper ran an article and Ms. Taylor denied the allegations, stating basically that she was doing the best she could and that her intention was to buy an actual building:

Taylor said she is purchasing the former Liberty Woodworks building on Ala. 24 as the location for the new shelter, which she said will be the first county no-kill shelter in Alabama.

Yesterday WHNT aired a story centered around video and photos taken by Caleb Scott, a recent volunteer at the Lawrence Co shelter who said he quit after two days because he could not stand it any longer. The video shows a person identified by Mr. Scott as Bobbie Taylor whacking a dog on the head repeatedly. The pictures are also disturbing:

Scott provided us with additional images from the shelter showing dogs lying in their own waste, and at least one emaciated dog lying in a pen too small for it to turn around in. Scott claims several of the animals are obviously sick and in need of care.

“Sick animals, they can’t even get up to walk, just laying there, laying there in their own waste,” Scott says.

Screengrab from the WHNT website showing an emaciated dog in a metal crate at the Lawrence Co shelter.
Screengrab from the WHNT website showing an emaciated dog in a metal crate at the Lawrence Co shelter.

Mr. Scott says he brought his concerns to law enforcement and the police chief confirmed there is an investigation being conducted.  I get the impression that politics run deep here.

WHNT describes Ms. Taylor as “an outspoken advocate for no-kill animal shelters”. As many readers know, pet killing groups such as PETA enjoy exploiting any opportunity to condemn no kill sheltering and further an agenda of killing by falsely claiming no kill is about warehousing and neglecting animals. I don’t know if PETA or any other anti-pet groups have yet commented on the Lawrence Co situation but I want to make my position clear.

The Lawrence Co shelter’s “no kill” claim is irrelevant. If the allegations of abuse and neglect are true then in fact the shelter has more in common with high kill pounds and the leadership and staff who run them: the idea that animal life is cheap. Animal abuse, filth, neglect and suffering do not represent the no kill movement.

As Nathan Winograd writes:

No Kill does not mean poor care, hostile and abusive treatment, and warehousing animals without the intentional killing. It means modernizing shelter operations so that animals are well cared for and kept moving efficiently and effectively through the shelter and into homes. The No Kill movement puts action behind the words of every shelter’s mission statement: “All life is precious.” No Kill is about valuing animals, which means not only saving their lives but also giving them good quality care. It means vaccination on intake, nutritious food, daily socialization and exercise, fresh clean water, medical care, and a system that finds loving, new homes.

At the open admission No Kill shelter I oversaw, the average length of stay for animals was eight days, we had a return rate of less than two percent, we reduced the disease rate by 90 percent from the prior administration, we reduced the killing rate by 75 percent, no animal ever celebrated an anniversary in the facility, and we saved 93 percent of all impounded animals. In short, we brought sheltering into the 21st century.

The difference between true no kill advocates and those who embrace pet killing facilities is that we will not hesitate to condemn neglect and abuse of animals regardless of what label the group attaches to itself: AC shelter, no kill shelter, rescue group, etc. We speak only for the animals. By contrast, no kill’s detractors will generally ignore or even defend abuse, so long as the facility also intentionally kills the animals and does so by falsely claiming there are too many animals, not enough homes and the public is irresponsible.

I hope there is a fair and thorough investigation of the Lawrence Co shelter that rises above political interests and truly protects the animals.  Regardless of the results of that investigation, it’s important to be clear that animal abuse and neglect – wherever it occurs and whoever is responsible – is unacceptable.

(Thanks to Clarice and another reader for the links.)

8 thoughts on “AL Shelter Under Investigation by Police

  1. You know, people who use “no kill” as an excuse for abuse and poor care are just as evil as those who take glee in killing pets. It’s a different kind of evil, but still evil.

  2. I’m sorry, but I can’t get past the first line that states that she was awarded 80,000$/year to run the counties animal control unit–and was expected to buy a building (herself? with her own money?) AND care for the counties unwanted animals? What kind of ridiculous, cheap, unprofessional, dirtbag county is this? That is the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever seen in my life! Maybe because I live in California, but 80K wouldn’t be enough for a DOWN PAYMENT on an appropriate building to house Animal Control. (Though I guess it’s better than 15$/animal–is that even enough money to cover one night?)

    Not going into whether Ms Taylor was or was not properly caring for the animals in her care—the outcome here is completely the counties fault. Have them cough up an ADEQUATE amount of money, and THEN we can talk about the lack of responsibility of the people actually doing the animal care.

    1. If Ms. Taylor didn’t think the payment was adequate, she didn’t have to accept the contract. Nobody forced her to sign the contract and nobody forced her to hit dogs in the head.

  3. What $80,000 will buy you in the south is often quite different that what you can get with the same amount in another location. As to the matter at hand, I have been following it and the animals are suffering horribly. Hoarders often have several enablers, this seems to reek of it.

  4. $80,000.00 will probably buy a nice new car, or some other friggin toy !! It certainly did not pay for any food or care for these poor animals ! These people should be the ones in a cage !! It’s all a scam ! It’s just unfortunate that the helpless animals need to suffer ! There is no way to sugar coat it.These People are in it for their own gains only. They certainly don’t give a shit about the animals, or preserving life ! Do everyone a favor and step into traffic ! Let someone that cares take over ! ASSHOLES !!!

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