10 thoughts on “Name That Animal


    This is Sparklemuffin, a recently discovered species of peacock spider:

    [Entomologist Jurgen] Otto admitted that because Sparklemuffin was somewhat similar to other peacock species he had seen before, he was not too excited about it at first, but then he became fonder of it. “It was in particular its docile nature and soft teddy bearlike appearance that really charmed me,” he said.

  2. I always am 2 days behind in this game…that is one freaky spider. The blue backed graffiti spider? LMAO… No clue. Ok, I just saw answer and,as usual, wasn’t even close

  3. Sparklemuffin? That is my pet name for my girlfriend……what are the odds? With a name like that, i sure hope that spider is a female, otherwise “he” wont ever live it down

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