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  1. A small county non-profit shelter faces closure because it is high-kill, as in about 80% kill rate. Said they can’t stay open due to loss of volunteers and donations: http://www.dailytrib.com/2014/09/08/christ-yoder-animal-shelter-crisis-mode-faces-closure/. The counties are looking to help it stay open: http://www.dailytrib.com/2015/06/09/christ-yoder-animal-shelter-staying-open-after-counties-step-in/. There are comments of rudeness by staff and concerns about donating to a high-kill shelter in the article comments. They respond to those comments on their website: http://www.christ-yoder.org/#!facts2/c5vs.

    1. So much self-serving tripe. I wish I could be surprised.

      We need a bingo card. I propose as entries: ‘Irresponsible Public’, ‘Open vs. Limited Admission’, ‘Warehousing’, Spay/Neuter!’, ‘Killing is a Necessary Evil’, ‘Your Criticism is Unrealistic’ (or Ignorant), and ‘We Can’t Afford Humane Practices.’

  2. I read today that empathy is something we can choose. It made me think about people who decline to choose empathy and then claim they couldn’t do otherwise, like people who refuse to run animal shelters with modern practices that would save animals.


  3. In what kind of a world is it okay to enclose dogs in a plywood box in humid Florida and it be okay with cops? Where is the common sense? Where is the empathy for the suffering that those poor dogs endure? Where is the compassion for how those dogs must feel with no air flow or movement in their torture chamber?

    I really dispair for the future of human kind. Certainly it could be said that some humans deserve to be wiped from the face of the earth! Those that abuse animals and those who allow it to happen.


  4. And the police contacted PETA; they’ll just kill the dogs if they get their hands on them. What a horrible situation.

  5. Missed this when it first came out -http://audubonportland.org/news/april14-2015

    US Fish and Wildlife is slaughtering cormorants because they eat fish. Their goal is to reduce the population below sustainable levels – yes, they are trying to wipe them out completely. Tell me again how dangerous free roaming cats are to birds?

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